Just my luck - harry styles fanfiction

Eevee has moved from school to school because of her mums job. Finally her mother sends her to a boarding school on the outskirts of London. Here she makes new friends and enemies. What will happen when she runs in Harry, the so called school bad ass! ~ So this is my first fanfic make sure to leave comments and tell me what you think! :) dont forget to like<3


6. "She's perfect"


I came out of the tent and took my place next to Jake and Luke. Most people had gathered off to their tents in their groups. Our group had me, Chloe, Georgia, Emily, Danielle, Jake, Luke, Liam, Louis and Zayn. I saw Georgia and Zayn talking. And then Liam and Danielle were flirty with each other as we all knew they liked each other. So it was me, Chloe, Emily, Jake, Luke and Louis.

"So Louis where's Niall and Harry?" Chloe asked Louis.

"They're somwhere. I think they're moving their tent to near ours." He replied sipping his beer. I was getting a bit cold so i put my hood over my head and put my knees inside it. I think i looked like an idiot right now.

"So will we see them later?" Chloe asked again.

"Probably" was all Louis said. I was proper shivering now. Like im so cold im gonna get frost bites. I close my eyes a little while everyone talks between themselves. I slowly drift off when i feel something on me. My eyes shoot open and i see a checkered blanket on my and Harry smiling next to me.

"You looked cold" He said referring to the blanket.

"Oh...thanks" I said snuggling into the blanket and yawning. I saw Chloe was now talking to Niall. So it was me with some boys i didn't really know. Yay for me. Note the sarcasm.

"You look tired" Jake said to me.

"I am, i was up a lot of last night. And i was on my feet all day shopping with the girls so yeah im very tired."

"Why did you come then?" He asked me.

"I dont know. I guess i didn't want to be alone in the dorm room" If I did stay id probably be lonely and bored.

"Good enough reason i guess." He said chuckling a little. I laughed with him. I noticed a random girl came and sat in our circle. Well with Harry. I looked away and saw Chloe coming towards me.

"I think thats the girl he was with from the party." She said glancing over at them. 

"Oh cool. Good for him" I said in a flat voice.

"Eevee its okay to be jealous. Anyway, we all know he likes you" She said with a smirk.

"Hahaha sure" I said sarcastically.

"I know what we can do. Niall play a song for us?" Chloe asked him.

"Sure. Someone will have to sing though." He replied getting his guitar.

"We all will" she suggested. Great.

"Perfect" Niall agreed. Stupid Niall. He started to play Torn. Everyone started to sing along, except me obviously, i just mouthed the words while watching everyone else. I stopped and just watched Harry. He was actually a really good singer. The song had ended and everyone went back to their conversation. The random girl had left and gone to bother other people. I was getting tired so i decided to go into the tent to get some rest. As i walked there i felt someone tug on my wrist. I turned around and no surprise it was Harry. 

"Where are you going love?" He asked. I went weak when we called me 'love'.

"To get some sleep, ill be back in a while." I said and kept on walking. I got inside the tent and led down on the camp bed where my stuff was. I tried to sleep but i couldn't. I normally found it hard to sleep but not this much. Its probably because were in the middle of nowhere. Just as i was drifting of someone came in. It was Harry. Again. Is he stalking me?

"Why are you in here?" I snapped at him resting on my elbows.

"I came to check on you" He replied sitting down on one of the other camp beds.

"Why? Its not like im gonna go anywhere. You would see me if i did anyway unless i dug a secret tunnel at the back" I said sarcastically. He laughed. "Im fine, you can go back now" 

"What if i dont want to go back?" He questioned.

"Why wouldn't you want to go back. Its probably more fun than being in here with me." I said looking away from him.

"Thats where your wrong. I'd much rather be here with you than be out there" He whispered in my ear. I just stayed silent. I didn't know what to say. "Wanna play a game?" He says in a hushed tone.

"Err, what do you have in mind?" I ask not really sure if i want to or not.

"How about 20 questions" He suggests. I nodded as an agreement. "Whats your favourite colour?"

"Blue or pink, whats your favourite food?"

"Tacos, have you got any pets?"

"Two cats back home, is your hair naturally curly?" i ask sounding suspicious and smirking. He chuckles lightly.

"Yes, it is" He says and shakes his hair slightly. "Have you ever had a boyfriend?" I sigh thinking back.

"Yes, but only once" I say. "Have you ever had a girlfriend?" i mirror back.

"Yes" He drops his head down slightly. "Was it a good relationship?" 

"N-no" I say barely audible. I stay silent forgetting to ask a question. 

"What happened?" He asks slightly more concerned.

"It doesn't matter" i shake my head slightly, "It was my turn anyway, do you like anyone?" why did i ask this?

"Yeah, i do" he says looking into my eyes.

"Is she beautiful?" I ask not breaking eye contact.

"More than you could imagine." He inches closer to me and whispers "She's perfect" He then comes back to my face, looks at my lips then back to my eyes. He slowly leans in and kisses me lightly. I kiss back but soon pull away.He gives me a confused look.

"Sorry, we should go back out there" I say trying to change the subject. He just nods and we both head back out and sit down with the others.


think this chapter is shorter than the others sorry xx next chapter will be basically this one but from Harry's POV, like, fan, comment, whatever you do on this site, probs be a week or two for next chapter xx sorry im slow updater :(x

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