Just my luck - harry styles fanfiction

Eevee has moved from school to school because of her mums job. Finally her mother sends her to a boarding school on the outskirts of London. Here she makes new friends and enemies. What will happen when she runs in Harry, the so called school bad ass! ~ So this is my first fanfic make sure to leave comments and tell me what you think! :) dont forget to like<3


1. New School



My alarm went off. I sighed and slammed by hand down on it. I saw the time, 6:30. Eugh i am not a morning person at all! I got out of bed, put my slipper boots on and went downstairs. I made myself some toast and sat at the island in the kitchen. My mum walked in and made herself a cup of tea.

"Morning" she said to me.

"Morning" i said sleepily. I sighed and went to go upstairs.

"Remember to finish packing, your leaving today" she told be. Oh god i forgot! Today i leave home and go off to a boarding school! I've seen the movies and i bet its nothing like them. The new girl comes makes friends, meets and a boy, something goes wrong then in the end its all happy again. Yep only in the movies. 

I carried myself up the stairs and finished packing my things. Once i was done i had 3 suitcases, 2 mini cases with make-up and hair stuff and finally two small bags, one had my beloved macbook and the other my cannon camera. Hopefully i can start my photography again. I know i have alot of bags and stuff but im a shopaholic, okay. I see my favourite bloggers write and reviews things then i have to go and buy it! I blame online shopping.

I quickly changed into the only clothes not packed, a pair of dark wash skinny jeans, an over sized roll t-shirt in a burgundy berrie colour. Over the top i wore a black oversized knitted jumper. I put on my black vans and did my make-up.

I loaded my things into the back of my new car! So my mum got me this black SUV for the school! One of the only things im happy about. But im still on my learners permit. My mum was scared about me driving but i proved to her that i am an amazing driver, if i do say so myself.

I drove all the way to the new school by myself, my mum had to rush off to work, i wasn't too sure what her job was, some business thing for a huge company or whatever. When i arrived i saw the building my mouth slightly dropped. It was in the country side and looked about 100 years old but still rather classy. I opened my door and got out. I quickly grab my bag and locked the door with the push of a button. I headed towards the reception area i guess to know my room number. I saw so many people reconnecting with their friends. They must of had the previous year together. 

"Hello can i help you?" said a petite black haired girl behind a desk.

"err.. yeah im new i want to know my dorm room and get my schedule" i replied.

"Name?" she said waiting to type.

"err.. Eevee.. e-e-v-e-e ...Pa-" i was cut off

"Found it, your the only one who spells it that way" duh its kind of a unique spelling."Room 201 and heres your and schedule" she said handing me a card and a piece of paper.

"Thanks" i said with no emotion and walked off. I walked outside and went to my car. I got back in and drove to the girls side of the dorms. I looked along the rooms, 199, 200, aha 201. I opened the door and saw to girls, one rather short with medium length brown/black hair and glasses, the other was taller than her, but shorter than me, and had kinda long brown/red hair. They both smiled at me, it was kinda creepy.

"Hi im Chloe!" said the shorter one excitedly.

I let out a small smile "Hi, Chloe, im Eevee" i said with no enthusiasm.

"And im Georgia!" said the other, i just smiled at her.

I look around the dorm, there was a en-suite we shared, a walk-in-wardrobe to share, a bunk bed in one corner and a single in the other. There was a small tv on the wall and some beanie chairs. By the bunk bed was a double night stand and a smaller one by the single bed.

"Um whos bed is whos?" i asked them

"Well you can have the single, i had it last year and she had it the year before" great they were already best friends im guessing.

"Okay, thanks, urm.. do you mind helping me get my stuff from my car?" i asked them and they just smiled.

"Sure" Chloe said and started to walk out with Georgia. I mumbled a thanks and followed behind them. We reached my SUV i unlocked it, they took a suitcase each and i carried the rest, it wasnt too heavy. I felt like someone was watching me so i turned around and saw 5 boys standing by a black jeep or something like that. One of them had black hair growing into a quiff, the next had short brown hair, next was a blonde boy with a kinda quiff, then was another brown haired boy, his was also quiffed. Jesus what up with all the quiffs, pardon the pun! Then finally a boy with curly brown hair also going into a god damn quiff. His green eyes looked straight into my brown ones. I kept his eyes on me but whispered to the boy next to him, then he turned around. In no time they all looked at me but still talked to each other. The curly boy smirked at me. I shook my head and turned around and caught up with the others.

"Who are they?" i whispered and tilted my head in the direction of the 5 boys.

"Oh they're like the badass' of the school, dont get involved with them" Georgia said looking at the one with black hair. Guessing she liked him.

"She staring at Zayn, apparently he was in jail for a while" she said staring at the blonde one. Thank god they were all looking the opposite direction now other they would see 3 random girl staring at them.

"Who's the blonde one?" i asked.

"Niall, he isn't really that badass hes just good friends with the others. The short brown haired one is Liam, he put someone in hospital, the brown quiffed one if Louis, he gets into some fights every now and then, finally the worst, Harry, apparently he killed someone but these are all rumors but everyone is afraid of them" she said out of breath.

"Okay..... lets get back to dorm" i said they turned around, i got one last look when Harry turned around with a smirk on his face, his eyes met mine again. I swiftly turned around and walked off. I have i feeling ill be seeing him again, i hope not.


Okay guys so here the first chapter!!! leave comments, like it and tell everyone!!! this is my first fanfic so it might be terrible. oh well!! :p xxx

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