Just my luck - harry styles fanfiction

Eevee has moved from school to school because of her mums job. Finally her mother sends her to a boarding school on the outskirts of London. Here she makes new friends and enemies. What will happen when she runs in Harry, the so called school bad ass! ~ So this is my first fanfic make sure to leave comments and tell me what you think! :) dont forget to like<3


2. First day


As usual my alarm went off at 6:30, apparently lessons start at 8:30, giving me two hours to get ready. Chloe and Georgia were still asleep, they said they wake up at 7, but i dont know anything about this place so i got up earlier.

I pulled my turquoise cover off myself and walked to the full length mirror we shared. I looked a state. The bun i slept in was now loose and knotty, my make-up i forgot to remove smeared slightly. I slept in soft lounge shorts and an oversized t-shirt. 

I carried myself to the en-suit and turned the shower on. I washed my hair with my coconut shampoo and conditioner then my body with mint shower gel. I stepped out and wrapped a soft towel around my body. I walked back into the main room and checked the time, 6:50. I always check the time because im usually late for things. I put on a pair of skinny jeans, a black batwing top and my black toms. Chloe had just woken up, Georgia was still sleeping, she's a deep sleeper i guess.

"Wow, what time did you get up?" Chloe asked rubbing her eyes.

"6:30, i needed to get used to everything and find out how long i would take to get ready and stuff" i said turning on my ghd hair dryer.

"Oh okay, doesnt take that long" she said and walked into the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on and continued drying my hair. Once i was done Georgia woke up and Chloe had just come out in black skinny jeans and a royal blue hoodie. Georgia went  for a shower and Chloe did her hair.

I decided to put my hair in beach waves. Once i was done Chloe had braided her hair back into a donut bun. Georgia came out in black leggings and a knitted dress, it looked alright actually and it was coming into fashion for the autumn. I did my normal make-up, light and natural.

"Well im done" i said.

"Me too" Chloe replied.

"Still doing my hair" we both laughed at Georgia, she was trying to straighten her hair.

"Well its 8, we have half an hour" i said and plopped on my bed.

"Lets go get breakfast" Chloe suggested, i just nodded and Georgia followed us. We entered the dining hall. Damn it was big and grand. I was right behind Chloe and grabbed a tray. I turned expecting to see Georgia but instead i saw him. It was Harry. Where was she?

"Urm... wheres Georgia?" i asked him still looking around

"I dont know" he replied bluntly in a deep raspy voice. Oh god.

"Oh okay, bye" i said and turned around.

"Hey whats your name, your new right?" he asked. I turned to look at him.

"None of your business, and yes i am" i said turning around again and flicking my hair in his face. I heard him cough. I just smiled to myself and got some pancakes and followed Chloe to her other friends. There was Danielle, Emily, Jake and Luke.

"Hi, im Eevee" i said smiling at all of them. They all greeted me nicely. They seemed alright.

"Hey guys" Georgia said sitting between me and Emily.

"Hey, where were you, thanks to you i had to talk to Harry" i said slightly angry at her. Everyone stared at me.

"I went to the loo....Wait, you talked to Harry, when?why?" she replied.

"Just now and i asked him where you were" i said simply taking a bit of my pancakes. 

"Nothing weird happen?" Chloe asked.

"Why would something weird happen?" i question her back. Whats going on? What am i missing here?

"No reason" she answered me back. I just looked at her confused but soon moved on.


Me, Chloe and Georgia entered our first class, Chemistry. I was alright at science, not the best but definitely  not the worst. I sat in between Chloe and Georgia. Then they walked in. The 5 boys i dreaded seeing. They all sat the back while we sat kind of in the middle. I turned back and saw Harry already looking at me. He quickly turned away. Whats with him and staring at me?!?

The teacher walked in and everyone was silent. She was a women in her 30s maybe not too old. Ms.Jenkins was her name, i think, as i said im new here. 

"Okay class we have a new student with us today!" she said with a smile. Oh god i hated attention. "Eevee Pavey?" I raised my hand slightly and everyone snapped their head my way. I felt my cheeks turn read to i kept my head down. "Okay so new term means new partners" she said clapping her hands together. Everyone groaned in annoyance. She had said most of them. "Georgia and Zayn, Chloe and Niall and finally Eevee and Harry" I looked over to him and he had a huge grin on his face. I sighed and sat down next to him.

"Someones grumpy" he said as sat with my head supported in my hands. I looked over at him, his grin was gone.

"Your right i am" i said and turned back to the front.

"Why?" he asked, i think i heard a hint of concern in his voice.

"Again none of your business" i said not bothering to turn to him.

"Im Harry by the way" he said holding his hand out. I ignored it.

"I know" i said. I really cant be bothered to talk right now.

"How?" he said, this time i looked at him. He looked angry almost.

"She said 'Eevee and Harry'" i said in a duh tone. No way was i telling him what Chloe and Georgia had said about him.

"Oh...right" he kind of mumbled. I just silently laughed at him.

"So class you will be doing a huge project on chemical reaction with your partner" again everyone groaned, including me. "You will be doing a 10 minute presentation, in this you need to explain each chemical reaction, include diagram graphs blah blah blah....." okay she didnt really say that i just wasn't listening closely. "You will have to work with each other outside of class aswell as in." oh dear god no. The bell quickly went thank god. Off to next lesson maths.


So i had made it to last period and only had a few lessons with Harry, thankfully i didnt have to work with him! My last lesson was photography, my personal choice. Im positive Harry wouldn't have chosen this. I walked in and saw i was wrong. There he was, last row, alone? Where were his friends?Great the only seat left was next to him! I sat down trying not to look at him.

"So you like sitting next to me?" he said. In the corner of my eye i could see a smirk on his face.

"What?! No, this was the only seat left" I said still facing the front.

"Okay class, the person your sat with will be your partner for all projects i set. Dont worry their will be some solo projects throughout the year." I think her name was Mrs.Winters? Wait! the rest of the frickin' year?! Oh no. "Okay, so today your'll be going around the school grounds taking pictures of the natural beauty her at the school." I sighed and looked at Harry who was grinning.

"I'll get the cameras" I said before he had the chance to speak. I walked to Mrs.Winters and collected a camera for myself and Harry. We both left the class room and i just followed him as he walked off. "Where are you going?" i questioned him.

"To do the work" he said sternly.

"Jesus whats your problem?" i ask him while glaring at him.

He sighed deeply "Nothing" he said and led me to a big lake with trees and flowers all around it.

"Wow Harry, this is beautiful" i said looking around at the view then back to him.

"Yeah it is" he said staring right at me. I took a quick snap off the view. It was pretty good if you ask me.  I turned around again. Click. He just took a photo of me. Click. And again.

"Harry stop it!" i said trying to get the camera off of him. He kept making it go higher and higher. Two can play at this game. I stood there with my arms crossed and my face was in a playful sad expression. He threw his head back in fits of laughter. Click. I got one of him. Click. Yep that should do.

"Hey, delete those" He said coming towards me.

"Not until you delete the ones of me." i said holding the camera.

"Never" He said holding his camera close to his chest.

"Well these are staying" i said looking at the photos. I've never realised how photogenic he was. His head was back. his eyes closed, his hair falling down slightly and a few trees in the background. He quickly snatched my camera and looked at the photos.

"These are actually really good" he said smiling at me. I felt redness coming onto my cheeks.

"Thanks, i had a decent model i guess" i said slightly laughing. He just laughed with me and moved closer to me. He looked into my eyes, then my lips, then my eyes once again. He leaned in and his plump lips brushed against mine. He started to kiss me and not long after i kissed back. I soon pulled away and felt my cheeks burning.

"Ummm" i said awkwardly.

"Sorry, i shouldn't ha-" I quickly cut him off.

"No, i like it, maybe" i said smirking slightly.He had a huge cheesy grin on his face.

"Me too" 

"Lets get back to class" i said and walked along side him. We took a few more photos on our way back, some of each other. We gave our camera's in and left the class.


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