It all started with a text.

"Here i was staring at the message on the screen blankly. How could someone i don't even know have such power over me?"

Cassi and Justin are two totally different people. He is popular and has all the girls, while she is quite and spends most of her time reading.

As the messages between fly back and forth and the feelings grow how will they react when they meet?


2. Chapter 2.

As i wake up i look over to the still sleeping Trish. My laptop is still on charge in the corner of the room. i turn off the socket and unplug it. As it powers to life it makes a 'ping' sound indicating that i have mail.


Hey :) x

Sent 10 minutes ago

I felt a smile spread over my face as i looked typed a message back to him, happy that he decided to message me.


Sorry was sleeping. x


It's okay. haha. it's 4 30 in the afternoon here. x

I look at the time as i hear a groaning as Trisha starts yawning and stretching behind me.


Yeah, it's 4 30 here too. x


Lazy.;)  Your in Canada? x



Trish pads over to where i am sat and sits her self beside me, looking at my conversation. "Ohhh Who's this then?" She winks and nudges me as i laugh. "No-one really, Just some guy who popped up yesterday and we've just been talking since." i say to her. "Don't forget about Tristan though." "God Trish, You make it out as if he has asked me out" i laugh "Whatever, i'm taking a shower." "Oh, don't worry fine by me just take a shower without my permission." I tease "Whatever." She mumbles and walks out of the room. My laptop pings again but i just ignore it as i go into my en suite bathroom. Yeah, i have 2 bathrooms in my apartment.

After i washed my body and hair i stepped out of the shower and wrapped a big fuzzy towel around me. I could here Trish singing from the otherside of the apartment so i know she isn't in my room. i dry my body then pull on my bra and pants, after a while i decide on wearing a pair of black ripped jeans and a white tank top with a leather jacket and my white converse to pull my look together. My laptop makes the pinging sound so i walk over and click on the message.


Where abouts?

Actually that sounds creepy. don't answer that. x

Sent 30 minutes ago.

I was in the shower for nearly

Did you fall back to sleep or something? xx


No, sorry i was in the shower. x

And yes that was a little creepy. x


I'm sorry. x


It's okay. Anyway i have to go now. Bye x


Bye beautiful. x

Talk soon? x

I smile and shut off my laptop as Trish comes into my room dressed in a tartan skirt with a white tank top and a black waistcoat on. She had her black Doc Martins on her feet and was reaching for her brush. I got out my hairdryer and dried my hair before putting it in a black beanie. It was already 6 30. I grabbed my phone, keys and money and slipped them into my pockets.

We walked over to Tristan and he pulled me in for a hug, he seemed a little tense or awkward. "Whats up?" i asked him looking into his rich brown eyes. "Erm, What? Oh, nothing" He says but doesn't make eye contact. "You sure?" i ask as i walk into the cinema room and take our seats.


Another shitty one, but now i'm starting to get more ideas so they will be better:)


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