It all started with a text.

"Here i was staring at the message on the screen blankly. How could someone i don't even know have such power over me?"

Cassi and Justin are two totally different people. He is popular and has all the girls, while she is quite and spends most of her time reading.

As the messages between fly back and forth and the feelings grow how will they react when they meet?


1. Chapter 1.


I'm Cassie, but i prefer Caz. i have big brown eyes and brown locks.

i hang around with Trisha (Trish), Olivia, Jace, Steph and Ellis and dating Tristan.

I have my nose, ears, eyebrow and tongue pierced.

I wear mainly black, dark purple, dark blue or dark green colours and stay away from pink and orange, i'm not exactly a 'punk' more tomboy as i do have a girly side.

I occasionally will get dressed up and wear tight and short dress' and heels but you will mainly see me in my converse or vans and skinny jeans.

I never leave the house without a beanie covering up my brown curly locks.



i mindlessly scrolled down my feed. Nothing interesting catches my eye. Just mindless girls drooling over celebritys, and 'cute' relationships which last less than a week. Urgh. i pull up a seperate tab and log onto my twitter to see that my followers have gone up by 150. I haven't been on in ages everything is so boring.

I was about to close my laptop down when my messages pings.


Heyy. x

My stomach flutters, i read it in a smooth and sexy male voice. How can one message have such a power over me?


Heyy. x

He immediatly reads the message. as if he is waiting for a reply.


Such a beautiful girl should have a beautiful name;) x

Wait? The picture is of my mum, when she was my age, not me. Well i suppose i do look like her, apart from the piercings.


My name is Caz. And yours?


Justin. x

So, how old are you? x


17 and you?


19. x


Well, bye Justin, i have to shower. x

oh shit. Why did i tell him that?


Nice image;) x

My stomach falls when he goes offline. I needed reassuring that we can talk again. and soon. Wait hold up a minute Caz. He's 2 years older probably in his last year of collage, he wouldn't want to talk to someone who just started. Would he? As i wrap a towel around my body i can't help but ring Trish. She asked if i was going to the movies tomorrow with her, Tristan and Soph (Trish's friend) but i turn it down honestly all i want to do tomorrow is eat, sleep and watch horror flicks. "Ohhhh c'mon it'll be fun! We're watching the new Zombie film? Z is it?." I really want to watch that film. "Ok, but later at night? Say 7 ish:) " i say as i grab a pair of shorts and an oversized mens top. "Thats cool. The showing we want to go to is at 7 30" "Whatever. Infact, come over to mine?" i half ask half plea. "Ok, i'll get my stuff and be around in about 20 minutes." She says as she hangs up. I quickly go over to the store two doors from where i live. i look at some horror movies to watch and find the conjouring, Chucky and paranormal activity even though none are that scary. My phone vibrates in my pocket, and for a minute i hope it's Justin but he doesn't have my number. It's Tristan.

"Hey baby. You free tonight? want to take you out. x"

"Sorry T. Have plans with Trish, maybe after the movie tomorrow? x"

"Okay. Yeah, after i'm taking you to dinner. x"

In all fairness i really don't want to go to dinner. i hate it, eating in a posh place while people stare at me and T. We aren't the best looking couple.


This chapter is really shitty and short. Trust me it will get better when i know what to write!:)

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