Make the Jump.

Fifteenth of August, 1961.
One Conrad Schumann guards the Berlin Wall on the third day of its construction.


2. An explanation.

A few months ago, there was a historical fiction contest. I was going to enter a movella for it, but I didn't finish on time. The first chapter of that is out now, it's called Blood Moon, check it out please. Anyway, a few days ago I got back from Berlin. There is loads of stuff there about the Second World War and the Berlin Wall. This story is based on a picture I found there and researched when we got back - the soldier jumping the wall on the cover is called Conrad Schumann. He was a soldier sent to guard the on the third day of it's construction, but West Berlin policemen shouted at him to come over, and when he did he was carried away by a police car.

This is INSPIRED by that photo - please do not think that this is exact account of what happened. As far as I know, there was no sergeant threatening him - I made him up.

I'm not really sure why I needed to write this explanation. It was a much better idea in my head.

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