The Ramblings of a Rambler

This will be an anthology-type-thing of my poems that I think would be best with others instead of being published separately. Enjoy.


1. Introduction.

I've always been a rambler, it's what I do. I talk a lot, I write a lot, but I hardly ever make any sense. If you understand me, then you're part of the 6% of the population who doesn't get confused by the extraordinary stupid things I say, and I feel sorry for you, but I also congratulate you. 

Only recently, my ramblings have started to take the form of poetry, and it seems to be very well received. So I went out, bought a very pretty notebook from Paperchase, and decided to write down whatever I was thinking about, ready to be edited at a later date. 

This is that later date. 

I hope you all enjoy this, as I certainly did. 

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