Out Of Sight (One Direction)

Ella works backstage at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Responsible for preparing the dressing rooms and the needs of the people using the arena. When One Direction come to Columbus, things backstage turn strange.

What happens backstage?


4. Why so shy?...

After a few more shots and a very flirty man that had a very unhealthy obsession with Liam, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the door, searching for Jasmin. My eyes lit up when I saw her dark brown curls in the crowd of people coming inside. “Jasmin!” I squealed and jumped off my stool, landing on shaky legs then running towards her. Her head spun around as I headed towards her, a smile coming to her plump red lips as we made eye contact. “Ella!” she enveloped me in a hug, the smell of cigarettes clung to her. Stepping back, my eyes took in her outfit, tonight she wore tight white jeans and a low hung black top, leaving little to imagine.

“Nice outfit,” I smiled, her small nose placed perfectly on her face, right under her brown eyes that were traced in black eyeliner.

“Same to you.” She gave me a wink then a playful shove.

Laughing a bit, we started walking back to the bar where the boys sat, watching out every move. Slipping onto the stool, Jasmin beside me, I ordered two beers and turned to the boys, “So boys, this is Jasmin,” laughing to myself as a sudden thought came to my head, “she is 22, shy at first but then very bold as she comes out of her shell. Smart, Positive, and is also in the music industry. Going to small concerts, scouting out who is good and who is bad, then telling her bosses who she likes then they decide. Any questions?” I asked, raising my eyebrow. Each boy looked at each other then at me, dumbfounded. All except Harry, he gave me an amused look then took a swig of his beer, still watching me.

“Hi,” Jasmin squeaked from behind me, all eyes going to her now bright red face as she took in the scene before her. It was kind of funny, Niall was the first to go around me and start talking to Jasmin. First about her career and how she got into it, then about her family.

‘Nice Guy.’

A voice inside my mind said, taking a long drink from my beer as my eyes focused on them. Jasmin threw her hair behind her shoulder as she giggled at something Niall had said, she was flirting alright. But he was harder for me to read, his eyes staying locked on hers as they spoke, never straying far from her eyes except to look at her lips. I cocked my head to the side and turned back to the bartender. “seven jello shots.” I said, my voice bold as I took in the act once again, a slight touch to his shoulder, now he sat on a stool next to her, her foot nudging hers.

“You know, you don’t have to be so protective of her,” Harry’s voice came from behind me, causing me to jump a bit.

“Yes I do, I don’t know you, or him, or any of you. I’d like to make sure she is safe,” I bit off at him, turning to the jello shots. Harry’s arm came and took a shot, tipping the glass into his mouth so the blue liquid slides into his throat. Keeping his eyes locked him mine, I did the same the jello sliding into my mouth before going down into my throat, swallowing. Eyes locked, we started tipping glasses into our mouths. Each of us having three before there was only one left, looking down at it then up at him I raised an eyebrow.

“Who does that belong to?” I asked, giving him a mischievous smile.

“Dance off!” Louis shouted. Harry and I both shot him a glare, earning smiled from everyone. “Go on!” was shouted at us, “Do It!” or “I’ll have it if you don’t!”  was shouted multiple of times. I looked back at Harry who was already looking at him, a curl in his eyes as we looked at each other.

“I’m game, you?” I asked, slowly sliding off my stool.

“Get ready to have your ass beat!” Louis shouted, he defiantly needed to slow down on the Cranberry Vodka.

“Louis! Knock it off!...” Harry turned back to me, his eyes skimming my body. “You’re on.” He licked his lips; I gave him a satisfied grin, noticing the growing bulge in the front of his pants.

I walked out to the dance floor, my hips moving slowly, the beat making my body vibrate with the electricity. This is why I worked backstage at concerts. This feeling, its something only my body could describe and it can’t seem to make the words come to my mind. This feeling would always be great, would always make me feel great. Working backstage lets me feel ‘this’ almost every week.

Moving into the crowd, I turned to have Harry standing just inches away from me, his eyes betraying his thoughts as they once again ran over my body. “Harry,” I said softly, reaching up and gently stroking his cheek.

“Yea,” he was breathless, lips parting as he stared at my lips.

“this is supposed to be a dance off, not a stare off.” Taking my hands back from his cheek, I started to sway my hips to the beat, my arms coming up so my knuckles rested on my forehead to sway with my hips. Looking at Harry, he stood for a few moments watching my movements then moving to stand behind me. His hands going to my hips, his fingers spread. His front to my back as he grinned into me, I could feel his growing hard-on. Biting my lower lip I pushed against him and ground harder, maybe it was the alcohol that was making me so bold, or maybe it was just the fact that Harry Styles  is grinding on my ass… either way… still exhilarating.

“I think it’s time to get a cab and head back, just you and me,” he whispered in my ear, his lips lingering to press a kiss just below my ear.

“I think you’re right.” I said, turning so my front was on his as he stared into my eyes, his hands still on my hips. Slowly we broke apart, walking through the crowd back to everyone. Louis had glasses of empty Cranberry Vodka spread around him, he watched us with a curious gaze. Liam was talking with a red-head, ordering them more drinks. Zayn seemed to have left already, he probably got a taxi or something to go back home. Niall and Jasmin were still together, sometimes laughing or getting into a heated discussion.  “We’re leaving.” I whispered in her ear, all she did was wave and continue with Niall. Waving to everyone as we started to walk out. Zayn was outside having a smoke with a short blond, laughing with her, he barely even noticed Harry and I.

I made my way to the street, waving my hand out to the oncoming taxi’s and yelling “Taxi!” loudly. A taxi came out of the far lane, zooming and switching lanes to finally stop in front of me. Walking to the passenger window, it rolled down I asked the cabbi if he could take us to my place, nodding he motioned to the back. Harry came and opened the door before I could straighten, sliding into the back, Harry sliding in beside me as we rode in silence.

I wasn’t a virgin, far from it. But I had never been with a guy that was on the cover of “Teen Weekly” every week. That’s where my virginity comes back, every other way, it’s gone. Never coming back. Instead of focusing on this, I turned my attention to the world outside the taxi. The streets dark, the streets seemed to be wet, yet it hadn’t rained for a few weeks. The skin behind my legs and on my back started to tingle, my feet becoming numb from being nervous. Wiggling my toes in my shoes, I turned my head a little so I could see Harry from the corner of my eye. Something deep in my stomach started to twist, a shy smile formed on my lips as I continued looking at him. His mop of curls resting on his forehead, a few stray curls hanging low near his eyebrows, he seemed relaxed next to me, looking around as we passed a few more lights.

Harry turned his head, looking at me with green orbs that could burn a whole through my heart, but only seemed to make my blood boil with ecstasy and lust. Through the dim light of the passing street lamps, I could see his bright green eyes turning darker and darker. My breath hitched in my throat as he reached out to me, taking one of my small hands in one of his larger ones and bringing it up to his mouth, kissing each one of my knuckles. We were thrust into the world by the cabbi knocking on the glass window to signal us to get out. Looking at each other before climbing out turning to the passenger door to pay, I realised that Harry had the cabbi’s attention, giving him a $100 bill and telling him to keep the change.

Turning on my heel I walked to my little house, my hands searching my handbag for the keys. I could hear the taxi zooming off and Harry crossing the small yard to where I stood at the door, my hands fumbling with the lock. Bursting through the door with a very sexual Harry can be a plus, for one, I didn’t have to take off my coat… or walk to the bedroom…

Harry turned me to him, slipping off his shoes and he stripped me from my coat and his. Pushing me down a bit, my feet also giving out on me so I landed on a stair, my arms supporting me body as Harry lowered his body down.  His body hovering over mine as he dipped his head low into my neck, sucking and kissing the skin, groaning as he found my sweet-spot he continued his assault on my skin, sucking so hard that I could feel blood coming to the surface. Harry went lower to the top of my dress to shower the edge with kisses, his hands going around my body trying to find the zipper. Silently pulling it down to reveal that I wasn’t wear a bra, his groan of approval was all I needed. I thrust my hips up to him, meeting the tightening fabric of his jeans.

“Mr. Styles, are you really going to fuck me on the stairs?” I asked, my fingers tangling in his curls.

“Hang on.” Was all he said, his voice deep and raspy as his hands tightened around my body, my legs wrapping around his waist, bringing his erection pressed up against my lower abdomen. Lifting us both, he carried me up the stairs, his hands going down lower and lower till they reached their destination, squeezing the flesh between his hands, a groan of approval leaving his lips. As we reached the top of the stairs, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Using my feet as leverage, I pushed my lower body off of him then ground back down on him, making sure that we both got teased. He groaned loudly, pushing me hard against a wall near my room, he ground against me again, his lips kissing the skin around my ear. “You keep with up and we won’t make it to the bed.” He whispered, his words heating my blood further.

Pushing us off of the wall, he walked to the bedroom with me still wrapped around him. Putting me down on shaky legs, he started to strip. First his shirt, then pants, then his underwear. As he stripped, I did the same, no longer shaky from being nervous but from frustration. At first Harry stood there, watching me. “Are you gonna fuck me or what?” I asked looked at him, crossing my arms then walking to my closet. Before I knew it, Harry had thrown me on the bed, gazing down at me. Putting my legs on his hips, I readied myself for him, waiting. He gave me a sexy smiled before sharply entering, causing us both to groan loudly. Harry started moving, slow at first but as I continued encouraging him he grew faster.

“Come on, give it to me babe.” At those words, I came spiraling. My head high in the sky, at my release, he did the same, shouting my name as I felt him spasm inside me then a hot liquid coating my insides.

As I came down, my head still spinning I was aware of a missed call on my phone, and a very cuddly Harry.

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