Out Of Sight (One Direction)

Ella works backstage at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Responsible for preparing the dressing rooms and the needs of the people using the arena. When One Direction come to Columbus, things backstage turn strange.

What happens backstage?



After the driving test, I had to help the boys put their entire luggage in the back of the van before I started driving to the house. Niall in the front with me, the rest of the boys in the back. Bickering about which club to go to tonight, then what they should wear. ‘now they act like girls? PER-FECT’ I rolled my eyes as the voice in my head came into all of this.

“Hey Ella?” asked Louis in the back, looking in the rear-view mirror I could see him craning his head to look at me.

“Yea, what’s up” I asked, turning a corner.

“Do you know any good clubs to hang out at tonight? We can’t decide.” Louis finished, watching me . I contemplated my answer, first thinking about all the clubs.

“Yea, I’ve got one in mind,” checking the clock, its 3:30 now, “so how long do you need to get ready? I want food before we go,” I asked. My mind back on traffic, I switched my signal light on to switch lanes, a man letting me through. Waving my hand at him in the mirror I continued the drive.

“How long will it take to get there?” Zayn asked from his spot beside Harry. Both looking at me with an eyebrow raised.

“Depends on the time we leave,” I answered, smiling a bit, “you know, rush hour. Then there’s the whole eight o’clock thing where people that stay late get to go home.” I answered.

“How about we leave at seven? That way we leave after rush hour and before eight?” asked Niall. He looked at me with big hopeful eyes.

“PER-FECT” I laughed, looking at Liam in the back as he slid deeper into his seat. “Sorry Liam, I had to. But yea, seven sounds good. That would take about an hour to get there,” I turned down onto my street. The boys looked out the window, their eyes taking in their new surroundings.

My street wasn’t anything special. I had to stop to let a bunch of neighborhood kids clear their hockey nets and grab their sticks from the road, waving to me. Waving back, I continued down the road. Almost every house in the neighborhood was a two story, most with a dark beige door and dark brown roof. All the people like to go outside and tend to their millions of plants, and then they would sit on the porch (if they had one) and drink some lemonade or beer and eat barbeque. A few of the houses we less inviting, with dead trees in the front and a pile of garbage in the back, most neighbors stayed away. My neighborhood was… original, like something you would see in the movies. “Nice neighborhood.” Remarked Harry from the back, his eyes still on the houses, nodding my head I continued down the road.

Driving up to my house with the boys in the back was something… different. They each gasped at my little house. The grape vines going up one side of the house, I had a few shrubs in the front yard a rose bush or two. My door was painted dark red with a plain circle window in the middle. I parked the van in the driveway and turned in my seat. “Home sweet home.” I said with a smile then jumped out of the van, going to the back to grab a few bags.


After all the bags were in the house, I let the boys walk around the house, letting them explore. I walked to the kitchen, grabbing a glass of water I went to the kitchen and thought about seating arrangements.

“Hey guys! You mind sleeping here for the night? I doubt you’ll each get an apartment tonight, even with all the money you guys have.” I looked around, still thinking. I had a queen sized mattress in my room, there are two guest rooms with two single beds. My couch was too small for anyone to sleep on, so… I guess I’ll have to make a friend tonight…

“Oh yea for sure. What are the sleeping arrangements?” I looked to see Zayn standing near the leather loveseat, his arms crossed in front of his chest.

“well, that’s what I’m still thinking about… see I have four single beds then one queen in my room… all in all… I get a sleeping buddy for the night,” I threw my hands in the air, my voice and face showing my sarcasm.

“if you need one, I’m right here,” Harry came up the stairs, Louis trailing behind him. “but I doubt we will be sleeping,” he winked at me.

Rolling my eyes, I waited for all the boys to come back to the living room, turning the T.V on and grabbing a bag of plain nacho chips and salsa from the fridge. Switching from channel to channel, I let Niall steal a few chips and salsa. Not caring too much, Liam came out of one of the guest rooms, looking a little confused.

“Why?... Why do you have a room that looks like it’s for girls and a room for boys?” he asked looking back at the rooms then at me. I took another chip and dug it into the salsa before getting up and going to the rooms, my mouth full. Chewing as I opened the doors.

“Well…” chew chew, “I’ve got two siblings,” chew chew, “they usually like to brings a friend with them when they come and I don’t mind,” chew chew, swallow, “so I have a room for each, even if they don’t bring a friend then they still get their own room.” I finished. Shrugging my shoulders as I took in the rooms.  I hadn’t been in the rooms since their last visit… and it was clear that I should have gone in their sooner.

The floor was littered with clothes and candy wrappers in both rooms, her’s had Barbie’s on the ground and their clothes around the room, his room had trucks and transformers on the floor. Stepping into his room my first step was on Lego. “Gah!” I winced and grabbed my foot, balancing on the other while squeezing my foot till the pain subsided. Letting out a long breath I stood, watching where I put my feet.

“Well, I guess they’ll have to clean it up…” I spoke, more to myself then anyone. That’s when my eyes flew open, alarm filling my body. Pushing past the boys I went into the kitchen and to the bulletin board I kept with my calendar near the fridge. Looking down the dates, I realized that tomorrow was when I had to pick them up, not today. Letting out a deep breath I looked back at the boys who now looked worried as well. “You guys mind sleeping on the floor tonight? My brother and sister will be here tomorrow so you guys can have a bed to sleep on then?” I asked looking a little hopeful, biting my lip.

“Yeah, I like that will be fine, I don’t mind,” Liam gave me a kind smile, I gave him a half smile back.

“What are you talking about?” Harry demanded, looking a little worried, his accent a little more powerful, “I’m planning on having some fun tonight and I would be very happy if it didn’t include all you watching and hearing!” Harry shrieked the last part, looking a little flabbergasted. I gave him an amused laugh shaking my head before stepping closer to him, so closer that our chests almost touched.

“Alright, since you can whine like a six year old then might as well let you have your way. You and your new friend can have my room tonight,” I stroked his cheek, the pad of my thumb running over his dimple as his eyes grew darker. “Bit no whining tomorrow.” I finished giving him a small smack on the cheek before I went back to the T.V.

“You guys gonna start getting ready? You might need the extra time to find all your hair stuff, then all your clothes, then your shoes…” I took another chip and salsa, my eyes stayed on the screen as I realized Shark Week was on.

“Alright… your making food right?!” asked Niall, his eyes looking like a puppy’s.

“For sure.” I gave him a wink, then my eyes went back to the T.V

Half an hour later I was recording all the Shark Week programs since the boys were so loud, running back and forth, stealing each other’s hair products. So I went the kitchen, turning the radio on and digging through the stainless steel fridge for enough food for everyone. My eyes finding the plain chicken wings in the freezer, taking them out, along with the Franks Red Hot and a few other hot sauces, putting it all in a tin square container then putting that on the barbeque.

“And I can’t change, even if I tried. Even if I wanted to.

And I can’t change, even if I tried. Even if I wanted to.

My love. My love. My love.” I didn’t even realize I was singing, the music so loud that I had forgotten the boys were in the house.

Then my eye caught movement, turning slowly, my body becoming rigid. Then seeing Harry leaning against the wall, a small smirk on his face as he stared at my red face. I gave a small sigh before raising my eye brow and looking at him, waiting for him to say something. I realized that his hair was neater, a brush had gone through it and made a few pieces stay in a certain spot. Looking down his body I realized he had also changed, wear another pair of black jeans but this pair had zippers for pocket openings. His shoes the same brown worn out boots. A black long sleeve covering his arms, his muscles outlined in certain places.

“See something you like?” he asked, coming closer. Looking at his chest I realised he wore a necklace, the pendant hiding under his shirt. Slowly taking it out and outlining the cross with my fingers, I looked up at him.

“You wish,” I gave him a cocky smile before dropping the necklace back under his shirt.

“Oh? Because I think I know-” I cut him off, yelling.

“Wings are done!” then went outside to the barbeque to retrieve them.

Tonight sure would be interesting…


Hey guys! Tell me what you think? I really wanna know! This chapter is really just a filler for the next… still not sure what I want to happen between Harry and Ella… maybe Niall and Ella? Or Liam and Ella… what do you think?

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