Out Of Sight (One Direction)

Ella works backstage at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Responsible for preparing the dressing rooms and the needs of the people using the arena. When One Direction come to Columbus, things backstage turn strange.

What happens backstage?


3. Party time...

“Hey Jasmin, I was wondering if you wanted to meet me and a few other… friends at a club?” I furrowed my brows, walking into my room to get ready.

“Haha, yea sure, what time?” she asked, I could hear loud music in the background. Jasmin was a scouter for bands. She would go to different concerts for smaller bands and if she likes their music, recommends them to her employers, then if they like them it goes up to their employers, and so on.

“We leave here around 7 so meet us there at 8?” I asked, walking to my closet and pulling out a few outfits.

“Why so early?” she asked, I could hear a loud bang then the sound of a mic. Hitting the ground and that really bad sound that the mic. Makes coming through the phone, “alright, im outta here. This isn’t worth it.” I heard her move through people and outside. “Sorry, I couldn’t be in there anymore. Those guys mess up at LEAST four times in a song.” She huffed.

“It’s cool. The guys wanna go early for some reason. Whatever, you remember the place right? OUR place?” I laughed a bit. Jasmin and I met when we were both 17 and not sure of where we were. Bumping into each other constantly we finally decided we should hang out a bit, our first instinct was Starbucks. Getting coffee and just relaxing, after a while we went shopping together, once we turned 21 we were done hanging out at Starbucks. We went to what we now call ‘Our Place’ because, we always go there to let go and have a good time.

“Honey, you didn’t even have to ask, just say and I woulda been there.” I laughed as I heard her heels on the pavement.

“Alright, so 8?” I asked again, now I was just bugging her.

“YES! Jeez… so… these friends of yours… cute? Single? Single and cute?” she asked, her voice becoming more and more excited.

“I think 2 of them are single, I just don’t wanna go alone with them,” I huffed as I turned to the door, the boys still walking back and forth, changing into different outfits and spraying hairspray on their heads.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there. See you then!” I heard her car beep, unlocking and her stepping inside.

“Okay, Bye!” I clicked off. Looking at the dresses I had taken out of my closet, I frowned. I had a short black dress with wide slits on either side of the sides, black laces in the slits, a low back and spaghetti straps. The next thing I had taken out was a pair of black shorts with white stripes going down it vertically, a black tank top that was cut just above my belly button with large straps on the shoulders, a pair of black jeans with a knit dark grey sweater and a light grey jean vest. It was either comfy, or sexy.

“I think you should wear something with more skin,” I jumped, my hand coming to my heart as I gasped.

“What the hell!?” I screeched, my head turning to see Harry leaning against my doorframe with his arms across his chest.

“Sorry, door was open and I heard you talking, who was on the phone?” he asked, coming closer, his eyes scanning my choices.

“My friend Jasmin,” I spoke looking back at my outfits, I didn’t pick shoes yet, maybe shoes would help? “She is gonna meet us at the club.” I looked back up at him through my eyelashes; he seemed unfazed by this information.

“Alright,” he traced the lace on my dress, then he walked to my closet and skimmed a hand though my clothes. “let me see,” he picked a few things up, looking at the material or the length.

“Can I help you Mr. Styles?” I asked, crossing my arms and giving him an amused look.

“Yes, you can actually.” He looked again, he pulled a bright red skirt from my closet hangers, nodding at the material, then the length. Placing it on the bed he came and stood in front of me. “You should go with this.” Then he walked out.

Looking at the skirt, it was mid-thigh length and made of chiffon. It had a tight underskirt while the top was more free and pleated.

‘This is very difficult’ I thought, sighing to myself, ‘wonder what Jasmin would say’, I took my phone out and texted Jasmin.

“Haii!! Ok I’m having trouble… should I go with sexy or comfy?” I asked, putting my phone down on my bed next to all the clothes now occupying the space I turned and went for the hallway.

“Louis! Give my hair jell back you ass!” Zayn was banging on the guest bathroom that was now occupied by a laughing Louis.

Going to the hall closet, I started pulling blankets and pillows out along with a sleeping bag and a blow-up mattress. Walking out and into the living room I started blowing up the mattress, the inside of my checks starting to tingle. “Your phones beeping.” Liam said as he walked into the kitchen then he came out with a beer in his hand and a satisfied look on his face. Nodding as I put the cap on the bed so the air wouldn’t come out, I stood and went to my room to retrieve my phone.

“SEXY ;)” I read off my phone. ‘Oh god Jasmin... ’ I groaned inwardly.

Before I started getting ready, I got the beds set up on the floor and the mattress. Heading back to my room, I grabbed a towel and started the shower. I could still hear the boys yelling at each other, running around the house, but I didn’t care, they weren’t hurting anyone or breaking anything. Stripping down I jumped into the shower, letting the hot water embrace my body. After a few minutes, I let my body relax a bit, wetting my hair and grabbing my body wash. Scrubbing my body with a vanilla and cinnamon scent then washing it off, taking my shampoo and scrubbing my hair. In the middle of rinsing my hair I heard a loud crash outside. “Owe! Fucking shit!” I heard someone shout and footsteps running around.

“Fuck!” I swore and ran out, grabbing a towel and securing it around my chest down to just below my butt.

The boys were all bent around a groaning Zayn as he swore again. Walking closer my arms around my towel as I realized there was glass around the floor and blood coming out of Zayn’s palm. My eyes widening, I rushed towards him my hands taking his bleeding hand and clenching it, like I was holding his hand for dear life. “Grab a towel from the closet!” I shouted, going to my knees before Zayn, the glass breaking skin on my knees but forced my body to stay numb to the pain.

“Ella, you’re in a towel…” a low voice came from behind.

“No shit Sherlock! I was in the fucking shower! Get me a fucking towel and tell me what happened!” I yelled, looking at Harry with a grim face. He quickly stood and ran to the closet grabbed a towel and came back. Wrapping the towel around Zayn’s hand I stood while Liam helped him up, careful not to step on glass. We all walked into the kitchen, bringing the first aid kit with me as I came and sat beside Niall and Zayn. Louis started explaining.

“Well, I had Zayn’s hair jell when you went to shower and I was locked in the bathroom. When I thought Zayn was gone, I threw the door open and ran, pushing Zayn aside. He hit a bowel full of stick balls and stuff… which we cleaned up.” He slid down his chair, going closer to the ground but still in his chair, “I’m really sorry Zayn.” Louis bit his lip. Looking at Zayn with sad eyes.

“It’s alright, I know you didn’t mean to do it.” Zayn gave him a sympathetic smile before turning to me. “I think here is glass inside my hand,”  Zayn now started biting his lip.

“Alright, let me take a look.”

After cleaning Zayns wound, cleaning the glass, finishing my shower, and getting dressed I called a few of the body guards to drive us there and back. I had decided on the black dress with lace. Letting my hair go wavy on my shoulders and down my back, putting on thick eyeliner, dark lip stick, and minimal cover-up. I grabbed a black clutch purse and a pair of black heeled ankle boots, and walking out my bedroom door. The boys were all in the living room, dressed in more formal rather than casual. Walking down the hall I focused on trying to put my shoes on while walking rather than their faces.

“Ok, so is everyone ready?” I asked stopping and grabbing onto the wall for support as I zipped the first shoe on. They all stared wide eyed at me as I struggled to put the other shoe on, before Louis finally spoke.

“Ye-yea were all ready…” he looked away from me uncomfortably, his voice higher.

“alright…” I dragged as I kicked my leg out to get my shoe on, then zipping it up. “lets get a move on then,” I laughed and made my way to the front door. I could feel their eyes on me as I walked away, as I stopped at the closet to grab my leather jacket. I finally took in my appearance. The dress hugged my body perfectly, the shoes making my legs look skinnier and longer, my red hair in long waves down to my hips, caressing them. Clenching my teeth I walked out of the house, the boys trailing behind me. Once everyone was out, I locked the door and went to the van.

The drive to the club was long and awkward, when I looked at one of the boys their eye would widen and they would look away with their cheeks blushing. After so much of it, I huffed and stared out the window.

After the half hour drive, we finally got to the club. The bouncer was a little surprised to see me so early but let us all pass without checking our ID’s. I went straight to the bar and ordered six tequila shots. The boys instantly coming, watching as I fluently talked with the bartender, flirting a bit, and then getting the shots. The club wasn’t packed yet, which I was happy about since everyone would get rowdy. Giving each boy a shot I smiled and cheered. “Party time!” before taking the shot.


Hey guys! What do you think? Should I speed the story up? Or keep it this pace? Not sure yet!



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