Out Of Sight (One Direction)

Ella works backstage at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Responsible for preparing the dressing rooms and the needs of the people using the arena. When One Direction come to Columbus, things backstage turn strange.

What happens backstage?


1. Another Day At Work...


This is Ella's eye color, just to help see what she looks like. Hair is also to help picture her. 


"Beep! Beep! Beep!" my alarm clock went. Groaning loudly, I rolled onto my side and slammed my hand down, my eyes still closed. Smiling to myself, I rolled onto my stomach, enjoying the silence. My mind started to wake as my body fought against it. My mind winning, I thought of the day, what was going to happen and if I was prepared for it all. Then it went to what I should prepare myself for. 'ONE DIRECTION' a loud irritating voice shouted in my head. My eyes flew open, a gasp escaping my lips as I flew from my bed to the bathroom. Ripping the clothes off my body as I flung myself into the shower, not noticing the cold water hit me. Filling my hand with shampoo, I scrubbed my red hair, noticing how dark the water made it when wet. Washing my face while rinsing my hair, I put conditioner in my hand and put in in my hair. Shaving my armpits before hesitating on my legs. Sighing heavily, 'You have no time!' the little voice shouted again, making me wince.

Jumping out of the shower, towel wrapped around my waist as I tried to dry my hair with another towel. My eyes went to the closet, I quickly grabbed a pair of black jeans and a red plaid cut-off button up. Rolling my neck to try and get the kinks out, I went to the dresser, getting a bra and miss-matching underwear. throwing them on, then my clothes. Sighing at my image, I'm not skinny, I'm not over-weight. I have curves, curves that aren't common for my family. Deep, bright red hair that skipped four generations in my family and bright green eye that wasn't easy to come by. Big eyes, full lips, full checks, high check bones. What a girl wants right? 'You can't have what every girl wants though! You gotta take what you get!' again with the voice. 

Running to my bathroom, I had time for cover-up and mascara before running out the door to my beat up Volvo 240. Starting the blue car, I backed out of the drive-way. Once on the street, I remember my paper work, purse, cell, and glasses. Slamming my fists down on the steering wheel I pulled over and ran into the house. Grabbing everything I ran back to my waiting Volvo. Driving down the street, my knuckles started to turn white as I realized that today was gonna be hot, not to mention my black jeans, but before running out of the house, I put on a pair of black knee-high boots. Rolling my window down manually since my air conditioning didn't work, I drove to the Arena with a look of displeasure sprayed across my face. 

Pulling into work, I grabbed everything, shoving my square looking glasses on my face, I picked up my paperwork and headed for the front door, purse in hand. Once I stepped inside, I cursed myself for forgetting to brush my teeth, grabbing some strong mint gum from the receptionist I headed to the main office. Groaning as I walked by the big glass window, showing everyone sitting and a few new people with them. Swallowing my fear, I exhaled deeply and squared my shoulders before knocking on the door. Slowly turning the nob, I entered the room my back to everyone as I shut the door. 

"I see you finally thought it was a great idea to grace us with your presence Miss Black," I heard my boss spit at me. My back still turned I rolled my eyes, turning around with a smile on my face.

"I'm so sorry Mr. Johns." I put my work on the mahogany table and took a seat next to a few co-workers. 

"Yes, well since you were not here. I have brought One Direction in here to hear your plans for their stay and their dressing rooms." He leaned back. My eyes widened, I was only responsible for the people when they are HERE. Not to take them to different places around the city and watch them like children. 

"But sir, My job is to only-" 

"I know exactly what your job is. I will pay extra for you to do this. They would like to see the city, and since you have grown up here, spent time all over, you must know what your doing," he gave me a cruel smile. I raised an eyebrow, giving him a side smile.

"My pleasure." I spat back. Seeing his eyes turn to slits, I quickly turned to everyone else, "would you like me to show you my plans?" I asked, looking back at Mr. Johns. 

"No, You can show the boys when you are with them. Here is some information for you," He pushed a folder containing a few documents. "For now, you must leave to introduce yourself to the boys. In their dressing room." He waved me off. 

Holding in my sigh, I grabbed all the information and left, shutting the door a little louder then before. I walked down the hall, rounding a few corners to the dressing rooms. I sighed before I could see their door. Pushing a few locks of hair out of my face, I knocked. Movement came from inside, then a tall, bulky man answered the door, dark glasses over his eyes. He looked me over, and raised an eyebrow. Sighing I reached in my folder for my work ID and showed it to the man. Nodding he stepped back to let me in, walking straight into the room, I went for the stools on the side. My papers on the counter as I took out their folder. Hearing movements behind me, I turned to see eight pairs of eyes on me, scanning me. 

Rolling my eyes I cleared my throat, "Hello, I'm Ella Black. Your, now, Tour guide of the city. Give me a few minutes to read over these then ill be right with you." I turned back around before anyone could speak. Hearing loud footsteps come closer, I took my ID out again and flashed it to the body guard. This one was tall and fit, wearing a tight black shirt that left nothing to imagine. A man that would of made my knees buckle underneath me, but, something had changed inside that made me more irritated then anything. His blond eyebrows shot up in surprise at my sudden movement, but taking the ID, scanning then handing it back. 

I stood, walking around the room to flash my ID to all three guards before turning back to my stool. I clenched my teeth as I heard lighter steps approach, holding a hand up to stop the movements, I growled "After." then turned back to the documents. 

Reading, I found out that the boys would like to see the city more at night then day, preferring to sleep during that time. The boys also would all like to stay at an apartment or house rather then hotel, not saying the reason. The boys would preform in a week, then spend an additional three weeks here. I was in-charge of them till they left. 

My mind was screaming at the page but I forced my body to stay contained and still. Putting all the paperwork back into the folder, I turned in my seat, looking at each of the people in the room.

The other bodyguard was tall like the other two, but with a little less bulky muscle and wearing normal clothes and no dark sunglasses. Thinking a bit to myself, I realized that he was a secret body guard, probably there to look like a friend of the boys, a friend that was always with them and had a very stern face. He wore a pair of dark blue jeans that were ripped at the knees and a yellow and black outlined graphic t-shirt with a bit of pink and blue in the image. His shaggy brown hair covering some of his forehead. I raised my eyebrow as he stepped closer, studying my expression.

My gaze went to the five boys of One Direction. Harry stood, probably the one who was going to come and talk to me. He gave me a small dimpled smile, his body covered in a plain black t-shirt and plain black skinny jeans. I nodded at him looking at the rest of the boys, each slowly stood and smiled at me. I felt strange, a part within me a bit giddy and excited; another part of me was freaked out. Niall wore a grey shirt and black skinny jeans like Harry; Louis was wearing a black and white striped shirt with a pair of dark red skinny jeans... a bit more exciting. Liam wore a burgundy shirt and a beige button-up sweater with some grey skinny jeans. Zayn was a little lazier, wearing a grey sweater and black skinny jeans.

"So, you all looking for some fun?" I asked, putting my hands in my back pockets, biting my lip.

"Only if you'll help us find it... you will help us, right?" asked Zayn, looking a little nervous.

"Of course, it’s my job to make all of you feel comfortable and happy here." I nodded and giving him a warm smile.  

I looked around the room for a few moments before sighing and going to the body guard with a shirt that was made for a ten year old. “Has something been arranged for transportation? Because going around here in a Limo will not be fun for anyone when we get mobbed everywhere we go.” I gave him a dead look, showing my displeasure.

“I was told that Mr. Johns had given you all the information,” he deadpanned back at me, his expression blank.

“Well, Mr. Johns didn’t so, transportation? Gonna give me a heads up?” I asked, “or am I going to have to look for Mr. Johns and ask him?” my eyebrow quirked upwards. Amused with our argument.

“May I see the folders?” He asked, eyeing the folders that are held at my hip, without looking down at them, I shoved them at his chest.

I turned on my heel and went to the couch in the middle of the room. Sitting on the red material of the couch I rolled my neck, hearing the cracks come out as it rolled around. The bodyguard came and sat beside me, looking through the folder which had all of the boys dressing room plans. Nodding in approval he gave the folder to me. I looked at all the boys, seeing them try to fit on the couch opposite of ours. Smiling and shaking my head, I threw the folder on the table to land directly in front of Louis, who at first, gave me a suspicious look before opening the folder. I had all the boys rooms in different sections, a tag on the side separated them. Louis flipped to his, his face brightening at seeing the plans.

I looked back at the bodyguard who now looked puzzled, he looked back at me. I gave him a satisfied looked before asking again, “Transportation?”

“Yes, well,” he licked his pink lips, “we will take your car and you will take a van that management will pay for, also a credit card for gas and whatever food the boys want.” He finished before standing and going to the door, “we also need to see you drive so we know you are not incapable of driving the van.”

Nodding I stood and went to the door, opening it and motioning for the still gawking boys to join me. Each one strangled to look up at me, but, looking back at the pages. I sighed heavily, walked up to them and tore the folder from their hands. “You have the next two days to look at this before I have to start working on your rooms,” I told them each strictly. 

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