Out Of Sight (One Direction)

Ella works backstage at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, USA. Responsible for preparing the dressing rooms and the needs of the people using the arena. When One Direction come to Columbus, things backstage turn strange.

What happens backstage?


5. A plan of action.

Stretching my arms high above my body, groaning as my senses took in their surroundings. Clothes scattered my floor, me naked in my bed, a very welcoming aching feeling and the silent bicker of voices coming from the kitchen. Silently, pulling the covers back from my body and walking to my closet, a pair of men's boxers coming up around my waist and a loose concert t-shirt over my chest. going to the bathroom, I washed the make-up from my face and walked out of the bathroom, flipping my hair upside-down then back up to tie it up in a ponytail. Walking into the bathroom to see the boys huddled around my kitchen table that held a comfortable amount of four people, but now held five, six including me. Walking in, my nose was filled with the scent of bacon and hash-browns. 

"Morning everyone." I said as I walked to the coffee maker, the voices hushing as I made my way through the kitchen. 

"Morning..." they all mumbled together quietly. Smiling as I grabbed a mug from the cupboard and poured myself a cup of coffee, then putting some cream in I turned to look at them.

"So, what would you like to do today?" I asked, the mug hovering over my lip.

"Well, ummm... we... ummm.... Harry?" Liam ran a hand through his hair, biting his lip and looking at Harry.

"How about we go with you," Harry said, his eyes traveling my body.

"and where is that?" I asked, bringing the mug to my lips to take a drink of the coffee.

"Work." he said finally, looking away.

"What!" I spit out my coffee, choking on it a bit. Running to the sink and putting my mug in the sink then throwing a cloth on the ground to clean up the spilled coffee with my foot, picking it up then throwing it on the counter. "Fuck!" I yelled, pulling off my shorts and running the the closet to pull on a pair of black tights, baby blue tank top, and a denim button up shirt. Mascara was all I had time for today. I ran out of my room, running right into Harry. He held me in place for a few moments, then handed me my cell phone.

3 Missed Calls

"Harry, I can't look at these right now-" I was cut off by Harry opening the phone and handing it to me.

"Look who called." was all he said before walking away. A little confused, I opened the phone to find one call was from my boss last night and the other two were from him today and 5:30 a.m and the other at 6:03 a.m. Each had a message.

First message said, "Hello Ella. I am well aware that you are probably out with the boys right now, I am calling to tell you that you are to be at work tomorrow morning at 6:30. Due to your raise. Enjoy your night. Johns."

The next said, "Good morning Ella, I would like you in at 7 instead of 6:30. Due to the bridge accident. See you soon. Johns" 

It is 10:39, I'm dead when I get to work. Something gnawed at my chest and I slowly slid my phone into my pocket. Silently hoping for a miracle, I opened the phone and listened, "Ella, I received separate calls from each of the boys, not only pleading but also offering me money to let you off work. They say I work you too hard? Not too sure I work you hard enough. Anyway, Harry Styles has paid for your week vacation as long as you are with them. Keep that promise and I'll promote you with a raise. You seem to have things handled... Good work... Don't forget about their dressing rooms. Johns." 

 I stood for a moment, waiting for the 'Gotcha!' but it didn't come. My jaw dropped when the cell beeped, signalling that all messages were done. My arm went limp as I stood in the hall with a big, goofy smile spread across my face. I walked into the kitchen, the boys passing the comic strips around and different articles from the paper.

"You... you called my boss?" I croaked. They all looked at me with a sly grin, nodding. "OH MY GOD! I love you guys so much!" I ran to them as they stood. My arms going around Zayn's neck, he whispered in my ear, "It was Harry."

I stepped back, gave him a slight nod before going to Niall, then Liam, Louis was more then happy to hug me. Throwing my over his shoulder to twirl me around and scream, "WERE GONNA HAVE THE BEST WEEK EVER!" then placing me on knobbly knees. I turned to Harry, who regarded me with a sexy smirk as he opened his arms. I shook my head then went into his arms, whispering, "Thank you Styles," then kissing him right under his earlobe. Stepping away, I clasped my hands above my head and thought back to the things I needed for the week.

"You guys wanna help me with your concert?" I asked looking at them with an eyebrow raised.

Louis was the first to jump on the question, "YES!! Can we help with our dressing rooms?" he asked, I looked at him with my jaw on the ground.

"What did you do? Eat my happiness?" I asked looking at him. Louis opened his mouth, then shut it. "sorry Lou, not used to all this... happiness..." I sighed at their confused expressions. "You guys are more then welcomed to help me with that. I also need to grab some groceries since you guys will be here for awhile..." I thought hard about what else I had to do, "Oh! and we gotta grab my brother and sister." I finished.  


After eating breakfast and showering, we all piled into the van and set out for Home Outfitters. The drive wasn't too long, since I had the radio on the boys sang along to most of the songs while I just hummed along and made waves with my hand outside the window. Once we were parked the boys each took turns grabbing beanies, putting their hoods up, and wearing dark sunglasses. Snorting a bit, I walked right into the store, folder in hand. Best plan of action? I looked around, shopping baskets were placed in the front, grabbing six of them I walked to wear the boys huddled together in a corner.

"Stop it, their going to call the cops on us." I groaned, the few helps looked at us with a questioning eye. "I need each of you to take a basket and get as many things as you like for your dressing room. Ready?" I looked at them all, nodding I said, "Go!" and they spread out.

Going to where they kept the glass vases -since mine seemed to have 'Magically' broken-. My eyes found Louis as he walked through an isle full of decorative pillows. Then a tall girl with brown hair that went down to the top of her elbow came up to him. Wearing a Home Outfitters uniform and a name tag. Since I forgot my glasses at home, I could read her name. They seemed to talk for a bit, Louis gesturing to the pillows a bit.

I smiled as I walked away from the pair, going to the vases.Walking the aisle, I was forced to see the millions of fake flowers and their cheap scents, the glass bowls filled with little glass colored stones, millions of candles with no scents. Turning into the aisle I was confronted with millions of vases, some bubbled, some colored, big, small, glass and plastic. Rolling my neck to get a kink out, I walked to the middle of the aisle and scanned the shelves.

"Find anything good?" a voice came from behind, startling me. My hand on my chest, I turned to see Harry appraising me with glazed eyes.

"Not yet, why?" I asked, turning back to the vases. My eyes scanning the shelves again, my eyes stayed on the prize but my body betrayed my feelings. Leaning toward Harry as I scanned downward, my mind going blank as he stepped closer.

"I just wanna know, is that so bad?" his thick British accent made me want to lay on the floor so he could take me there.

"I thought you were meaning something completely different from the vase," I said, turning to meet a pair of bright green eyes seductively looking right back into mine.

"Maybe I am." his voice came out in low and husky, his hand reaching around my body to pull me in close. Smiling as he leaned in closer, I put my hands on the side of his, smiling at him before pulling him closer. His arms came around my waist and rested on the small of my back, his forehead resting on mine, my arms wrapped around his neck, fingers in his mop of curls. His head started to lean forward even more, his lips coming closer to mine. Right before his lips met mine, I pulled away, grabbing a plain glass vase with little swirls on the outside.

"Maybe I'm not." I said before pulling away and heading to check-out.


"Alright, so who got what?" I asked when we all piled back into the van, my eyes traveling to Louis wide grin and seven bags of what seemed like items the color of a deep red. His hand constantly going to his phone, to only be replaced with a small sigh from Louis. Smiling a little, I could see Niall had one bag filled with little items that looked like food, Liam had half a bag filled with... well i'm not too sure what, and Zayn didn't even have a bag.

So, them helping be didn't exactly help me with my job, but I still had a few days till the concert. We drove back home, everyone still silent in the back seat. Once we got home, I took all the stuff that they each had bought and went to the living room to tali it all up. Looking at each item they had bought and then looked at my sketches of their rooms. I defiantly was NOT and artist, but after you fill in a few lines, label, and put a little color, you understand what your looking for.

Each room was different, each reflecting on the boys and their personalities... or well what I could get from their personalities in the sort time I've known them and the few interviews I've seen. Each room had one thing in common, soccer. The room either had a net big enough for them to play at, a ball, or a jersey with their name and no number. It wasn't my idea, my idea was to go and hand do all the rooms, picking paint out and different fabrics, but. That happens when you go to school for a couple of years, completely trained in interior design then go and work for a man with family issues and a hard time giving anyone some slack in their type of career. I should be helping people find their tastes in their new homes, helping pick fabric and paint that would best describe their personality. Instead I am making a room for someone famous, meeting them then showing them their room, getting what else they would like then leaving. After destroying the room.

"ELLA!" my attention snapped upward, Harry gave me a confused look, sitting next to me on the couch to look at everything. "What's wrong?" he asked, after looking at all the papers then up at me.

"Nothing, I'm just a bit tired, what time is it?" I asked trying to change the subject. I stood, my hands behind my back as I looked at his furrowed eyebrows.

"Its almost 3, now don't try and change the subject. What's wrong? Do you think we won't like the rooms?" he asked, he flipped to his file, looking through it then back up at me. "I like it, the whole soccer this is a little bit over done though," he stated. Giving a little shrug as he shut the folder and put it back on my coffee table.

"I know! That wasn't my idea, my boss thinks he knows everything. I wanted to do something completely different!" I exclaimed, sitting back down next to Harry.

"Really? Why didn't he let you?" Harry pushed his long curls back away from his face, his forehead gaining three lines that were only noticeable when you looked closely.

"He says he knows best, since he has been in this for 10 years, I guess he does," I shrugged sadly, looking away. Then the sudden thought came into my head... SCHOOL. "SHIT! I NEED TO GO GRAB MY BROTHER AND SISTER FROM SCHOOL!" I shouted, springing upward and down the stair to grab my shoes and run out the door. Running to the car, I suddenly realized something... I need keys to drive.

"Come on, lets go before we miss them." Harry said, coming out of the house, a grey sweatshirt on his log torso. "I'll drive." he said before pulling me to the passenger side.

Harry opened my door for me, his hand guiding the small of my back. "Thank you." was all I could say.

Well, hopefully James and Lisa won't mind some company...


Sorry for the long wait. I had a big project due for school, I've been writing this over the course of three weeks... HOPE

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