six boys, six girls, one house. everyone is just trying to find themselves.


2. twelve victims

The Girls

Name: Zoie Greene
Age: 19
About: Shy in daylight, clubbing until sunrise. Zoie is just a shy girl who expresses herself with a sudden smile which helps her look mature and firm when she's dying inside. Zoie has been considered a weak slut from Faith and Savannah. 
Close Friends: Drew Thick, Sarah Balm, Jordan Lowe, Mary Jordan, Layla Summers, and Devin Waters
Weakness: Partying too much.
FC: Selena Gomez

Name: Sarah Balm
Age: 21
About: Sarah is the bad ass here, she's willing to try anything. After her last relationship with Devin Waters, Sarah is focusing on herself and how find her, along with her close friend, Zoie.
Close Friends: Zoie Greene, Drew Thick, and Mary Jordan
Weakness: Alcohol 
FC: Vanessa Hudgens

Name: Savanna Wymer
Age: 17
About: As the youngest in the house, Savanna is the drama queen here. With her amazing best friend, Faith, Savanna has been the center of attention. With only two ex-boyfriends, Savanna is consdiered a wanna-be of Zoie Greene.
Close Friends: Faith Evans, Devin Waters, and Layla Summers
Weakness: Heartbreak
FC: Ariana Grande

Name: Layla Summers
Age: 23
About: A close call to death. Layla was almost shot by a serial killer at Wal-Mart. She dodged the bullet on accdient and Layla is afraid of reaching out for help now. Brett, her laid-back boyfriend of two years, has been her protector through the whole thing. They love each other deeply, but this house is full of everything. 
Close Friends: Brett Carver, Savanna Wymer, Faith Evans, Mary Jordan, and Zoie Greene
Weakness: Fear
FC: Barbara Palvin

Name: Mary Jordan
Age: 23
About: Mary has been the hilarious blonde everyone loved. Mary has a horrible secret that is eating her alive. As oldest girl in the house, she must show a good example to the other girls. If Mary reveals her secret, she might hurt the girls in the house, and possibly some of the guys.
Close Friends: Layla Summers, Zoie Greene, Sarah Greene, Jacob Howe, and Jordan Lowe.
Weakness: Secrets
FC: Ashley Benson

Name: Faith Evans
Age: 18
About: Faith was an instant head turner. With her slutty un-wiseful words, her and Savannah clicked. Faith's past of boyfriends, led her with an unhealthy affair with Drew Thick, but she claims she's single. 
Close Friends: Savannah Wymer and Layla Summers
Weakness: Boys
FC: Stella Hudgens


The Boys

Name: Devin Waters
Age: 23
About: Considered the popular guy of the house, along with his close friend Drew Thick. Friendly and flirty. He came to the house to find how he seems so popular. Close friends with everyone at the house, so his close close friends are listed below.
Close Friends: Drew Thick, Zoie Greene, Savanna Wymer, and Sarah Balm
Weakness: Groups/Posse
FC: Harry Styles

Name: Drew Thick
Age: 22
Drew is the bad boy in the house. Known for treating the girl right. Afraid of messing up infront of the girl. His recent unhealthy affair with Faith Evans has led him into looking like a rejected mess. He messed up, badly. He needs to save himself. The house may not suceed his needs, but the people in it, might.
Close Friends: Devin Waters, Sarah Balm, Zoie Greene, Faith Evans, and Jordan Lowe
Weakness: Messing up
FC: Justin Bieber

Name: Jordan Lowe
Age: 18
Jordan is the youngest guy in the house and the cheekiest. He had an relationship with a few of the girls in the house and is crushing on one. Jordan came here to find himself and where he's at in life. Love just takes over. 
Close Friends:  Savanna Wymer, Zoie Greene,  Josh O'Neal, Mary Jordan,  and Drew Thick
Weakness: Falling in love
FC: Austin Mahone

Name: Jacob Howe
Age: 26
About: A fun guy, he escaped to the house because of his last ex, Zoie Greene, the harsh break-up led him to come here. Finding Zoie is here along with Jacob is the worst thing that could happen here. Trying to avoid Zoie's adorable looks and wise words, he might just fall in love with the wrong person.
Close Friends: Brett Carver, Savanna Wymer, Mary Jordan,  and Josh O'Neal
Weakness: Love
FC: Liam Payne

Name: Brett Carver
Age: 19
About: Brett came to find himself and protect his girlfriend, Layla Summers. Brett might discover too much of himself, causing his whole life to change.
Close Friends: Layla Summers, Jacob Howe, Zoie Greene, Faith Evans, and Savanna Wymer
Weakness: Not being able to protect Layla
FC: Jai Brooks

Name: Josh O'Neal
Age: 27
About: Josh is your flirty bad boy with a good heart. Josh tries to put his love life aside and focus about finding himself. What he didn't know was that girls were going to stay at the house as well.
Close Friends: Devin Waters, Drew Thick, Jordan Lowe, Brett Carver, Jacob Howe, and Mary Jordan
Weakness: Love
FC: Zayn Malik

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