six boys, six girls, one house. everyone is just trying to find themselves.


4. i. meet zoie greene

three months ago

"I'm breaking up with you, Zoie, I love you, I really do. I just need to find myself." Jacob whispered into my ear. I whimpered and wiped my tear away with my thumb. "We all are, Jacob, don't just make an excuse Jacob, please, don't." I said, trying to change his mind. "No, Zoie, just stop. I'm leaving for California. I need some time away. So stop." Jacob said, making it final that we were over. "Bye, Jacob. Good luck in California." I said, trying to cheer myself up. It wasn't working. I needed to move on quickly, to show him when he comes back that I can move on. I mean, I already moved on Drew and Jordan for him. Piece of cake. I grabbed my remote from my coffee table and turned my T.V. The commercial for Lifetime's new show, Rootless. They needed people for the show. Rootless was a huge mansion in Los Angeles, California. It was supposed to be filled with people who don't know who they are. I paid close attention to the commercial. I dialed the number from the commercial and began with a hello. "Lifetime's Rootless, this is Diana speaking. How can I help you today?" A voice greeted me.

"Hi, I'm Zoie and I saw the commercial for people needed for the show. How do I sign up?"

"Awesome, Zoie. Just tell us a weakness of yours and why do you find yourself."

"Well my weakness is that I party too much. Parties has stopped me from getting into a college and its killing me. I want to find myself and see if I worth it in life."

"Mhm, your age?"

"I'm nineteen."

"Great, we'll need some contact information for any further updates. Thank you!"

I did as so and gave them all of my info. 

"Have a nice day, Zoie!" Diana hung up.

Now all I have to do is wait.


present time

I cheered as I saw an e-mail written from I scrolled and saw the message. I was accepted. I'm going to Los Angeles. I called my family to notify them of the terrific news.

"Grandma, I got accepted."

" I know, I know. Its amazing."

"I wonder who else is going to be there."

 "My flight is scheduled for tomorrow." 

"Love you, bye." 

I began packing my clothes and make up to the radio.

next day

I was going to Los Angeles with my close close friend, Sarah Balm. She was accepted from Rootless, as well. "Sarah, I'm at the airport right now, where are you?" I almost screamed to Sarah on the phone. "I just arrived, I'm rushing!"  Sarah sneered. "Whatever, I'm by the Starbucks inside, meet me there." I said before hanging up. I looked around the place. A lot of familar faces. Jordan, Mary, Layla, and Brett. Hmm, what are they doing at the airport? I saw Sarah's dyed dirty blonde hair and ran up to her. "Just in time, Miss. Balm." I joked as we clicked elbows and rushed over to the airplane that was leaving in less than two minutes. We reached the plane and sat in our seats. I plopped on some headphones and closed my eyes.

three hours later

"Zoie, get up, we're at LA."  Sarah tugged on my sleeve of my over-sized sweater. I rubbed my eyes and groaned, "I'm so tired." I got up and grabbed my bags, along with Sarah. We headed out the plane into the airport. There was Drew and Devin. Shoot, Devin's here. I have a huge crush Devin and he's in Los Angeles with us! "Hey Zoie." Drew winked at me. I laughed, "What are you guys doing in LA?" I asked, not greeting Drew.

Devin replied, "We signed up for this show, Rootless. Ever heard of it?"

 I laughed nervously, "So are we."

"What? That's amazing! I guess we can go all together." Devin raised an eyebrow.

"Why did you guys sign up, though?" Sarah asked as we walked to Devin's rented car. 

"We needed to find ourselves." Drew replied with a firm tone.

Sarah nodded and said, "Same here.

We got in Devin's car as Devin asked, "You guys ready?"

Sarah replied with a confused look, "For what?"

Devin answered quickly with a smirk, "Rootless."



if you didn't know, this was zoie's point of view the whole entire time. every person on rootless will get their intro chapter explaining how they found out about rootless and how they arrived and this was zoie's so I hope you enjoyed it. 

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