She`s MINE

Danielle McCain`s Dad has a job, but he, is being transfered to a town in Ontario, Canada, so she`s the `new girl` at some school there. Oh and guess what, it is the first day and , not even five minutes in there, she makes a friend, Sam and makes an enemy Justin, and his buddies. Now how can she survive the rest of highschool?


2. Chapter 2



Ugh, i hate this, well, at least next period is lunch.


Yes! i rushed past other students, trying to get to my locker. Guess who i see? If you guessed Justin, you guessed right. I threw my head back in frustration. Why did i have to bump into him! "What? not happy to see me here?" he smirked, looking into my brown eyes. "Actually, no I'm not, can you move?"  he stepped aside still with that smirk. ok, maybe i lied, but a little. I still don't like him, i lo- wait, i can't, i can't be one of this player's dolls. "Hello? Danielle, you look kinda, angry"  I was so deep in thought, i hadn't realized, Justin left, replaced by Sam. "Wha? Oh, i get, uh. Mad in thought?" I looked at him, releasing my fists. "Yeah, okay?" He looked at me in confusion. "Anyway, since your new to this town, I thought I can show you around after school?" He smiled. "I guess," I returned the smile. I then went off to eat my lunch. I sat down in the cafeteria, in deep thought. I heard a plop as someone sat beside me. "Hey, 'new girl'." I faced towards the stranger, and recognized her right away. "OMG, NO WAY!! ALEXIS!" My BFF, from since birth until 7th grade has just came up to me, "THIS, is where you moved!" We hugged. "Yup! I thought we were moving to Orlando, but, I guessed wrong!" I suddenly had a weird feeling, like I was being watched.  I turned me head, watching those brown eyes stare me down. Stalk, much?




God dammit, i can't stop thinking about her. she was, stunning. From her long, Brown hair, to her chocolate brown eyes, and her figure.  Right now she was sitting with her friend, Alexis was it? "Dude, are you ok?" Chaz knocked me out of my daydream. "Oh, uh yeah, sorry, just thinking." "Thinking about that new girl, eh?" I cleared my throat, "No way, sh-she's not my type." "Not your type? Justin. You've practically had the experience to live any guy's dream, you could get any girl in the world yet, you say 'Oh, she's not my type.' Sure Justin, suuure." he smirked, clearly satisfied with himself. "You're right, plan!" I had the best idea. "What?" My friends looked at me with determination and confusion. "I will be hosting a party this Saturday, as my hunting will then start." i grinned in satisfaction, butterflies fluttering in my stomach. Wait. It wasn't from this plan, was it the girl?

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