The new boy

Janet was completely fine till she bumped into the new boy at school. All seemed too perfect till she saw him kiss another girl. Now she doesn't know where to go. Will true love conquer or will she be blue forever.


1. The meeting

"Janet wake up!" I heard my moms yell "You're going to be late!" I got up ,got ready,and ran downstairs and out the door in five minutes flat. I looked down the street and i saw people moved into the house for sale."ugh new neighbors"i thought to myself "who would move into this neighborhood."

Whe I got to school I bumped into someone.All my books fell on the floor."Hey watch where your..." I looked up. "Sorry," he said" I'm James" "let me help you with that." He was perfect. His dirty blonde hair. His blue eyes. he was perfect. "are you new here?" I asked. "yeah, I'm trying to find room G12."Oh, I have that class first period too, I'll show you where it is" I said "thanks, Your a life saver."

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