Nothing To Lose

You hurt me, but I still love you.


1. Chapter 1

  I wake up to the sound of someone walking in to the house. I grab my phone and walk down the stairs slowly. I get to the front door and I see them. I suddenly relax. "Keaton?" I ask. He looks over and I run into his arms. "I missed you." I told him. He pulled away and looked at me before pulling me in for a kiss. I start to kiss back when I hear drew say "Get a room!!!" We both pull away and Keaton blushes and I laugh. "How was it?" I asked them. "LONG!" Wes answers and I laugh. "Well I'm going to bed." I told them. "Why?" Keaton asks. "Because it's 3 in the morning." I said bluntly. "OK." He said sounding upset. I went over and grabbed his hand and pulled him along with me. He walked along behind me. We got to my room and both crawled into bed. "I really missed you." He told me. "I missed you too. More than anything." I smiled. He kissed my forehead and closed his eyes. I closed mine and he pulled me closer. I breathed in his scent that I missed so much. "What'd you do while I was gone?" He asked me. "Eat, sleep, relax." I told him. He laughed. I smiled. "What? I'm lazy." I told him. "No you- Yeah. You are." "Hey!" I hit him. He laughed. "You even admitted it yourself!" He told me. I laughed. He kissed my forehead and we both fell asleep.

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