Five Boys. One Band. One Dream. One Direction.

I work at a Arena and we get amazing singers. I love all of them. We had Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Megan Nicole, Taylor Swift, Bella Thorne, Ke$ha, Bridget Mendler, Cher Lloyd, Little Mix, Katy Perry, and China Anne McClain and alot more but those were my favorites. I will tell you about them. But one day an amazing group came to our Arena at least for others! Read about it here......


4. Chapter Three: One Direction, Part 1


-Next Day- 

Christie P.O.V.

I woke up and I got dressed in this....

I got my stuff and got ready and then I got a text

From: Sophia, To: Christie

Come out I'm here

To: Sophia, From: Christie

Ok be out in a sec.

I walked out of the house and me & Sophia headed to the Arena.


We arrived and there was like at least 100 fans outside the Arena. We struggled through all the fans. When we got to the door...

"Sorry no one can come through" One of the bodyguards said.


"We work here!" I yelled through all screaming fans.


"I would like to see some ID" The other bodyguard said. So we got out our work ID's and we got in and started work on stage and the seats while 1D was doing there 2 sound check. The curly haired boy kept checking me out. UGH. I looked at him and rolled my eyes...


Sophia P.O.V.


I was cleaning under the seats, when I looked on stage for a second I saw the blonde boy staring at me and winking. I didn't want to be rude like Christie and roll my eyes so I looked down to see what I was wearing hoping it wasn't so attractive. I was wearing


a white thick strap tank top with superman's sign that's tide at the bottom: Crazy Girls Ladies Women

High wasted leather shorts:TOPSHOP MOTO Coated

Red TOMS: Toms Classic Slip On

Infinity Love Bracelet: Infinity Love Bracelet Charm

Red flower stud earrings: Flower stud earrings

Red Glasses: Super Sunglasses Basic

A big bow: American Apparel Small

My hair was wavy and a puff



I just ignored him and me and Christie finished the seats and stage so we went backstage right before the concert started so we can finish inside and finally leave! We went backstage as the fans were getting settled and the boys getting ready. There were a few minutes left before they go on.



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