Five Boys. One Band. One Dream. One Direction.

I work at a Arena and we get amazing singers. I love all of them. We had Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, Victoria Justice, Megan Nicole, Taylor Swift, Bella Thorne, Ke$ha, Bridget Mendler, Cher Lloyd, Little Mix, Katy Perry, and China Anne McClain and alot more but those were my favorites. I will tell you about them. But one day an amazing group came to our Arena at least for others! Read about it here......


2. Chapter One: Selena Gomez

Sophia P.O.V.

Selena Gomez is coming to the Arena today and I have to clean and work with the stuff like that. Then, I can watch the show or go home. If I like the Celebrity that comes I stay and watch. Me and my friend Christie work here. We have lots of fun and before we work we go to our friends at there photo shoots. We laugh and have fun. This a normal routine but sometimes we get days off so we just hang out.

The day Selena Gomez came(Currently):

Me and Christie were cleaning the seats from our last concert yesterday. It was Ariana Grande's concert.

"Who do we have tomorrow, I know we have Selena today" Christie asked.

"I don't know I think our manager might tell us later" I  replied.

"Ok" She said as we finished cleaning.

"Ok we're done let's go tell the manager and and go to Jen and Ash" I said and we walked to the supply closet and and put the cleaning supplies away and went to the office.

"So were is Jen modeling today?" Christie asked.

"I'm not sure... Maybe Areopostale"

"Oh... Ok. Maybe we can get discounts or something"

"Ya I LOVE Aeropostale" We arrived at the office and walked in.

"Uh.. we're done and off for our shift"

"All right get going" I nodded and we left the Arena. We got on the car and drove off to the photo shoot place.

"Hey Jen!" We yelled as we got in the building.

"Hey girls" Jennifer said and ran over to hug us. They got a photo of us hugging.

"You almost done here" Christie asked.

"Actually(pose) no(pose) maybe(pose) in(pose) an(pose) hour(pose)" She said every word between every pose.

"Oh ok we'll go get food I bet your tired and hungry" I said as we got our things ready to go. "What would you like?"

"Oh get me large fries, 20 piece Chicken Nuggets, and a soda... Coke Cola" she said. Me and Christ nodded and walked out to get our foods.

We got back and we gave her the food and she had a lunch break to eat with us. "Hey wanna go shopping after you get out" Christie asked

"Sure... wait who is gonna be at the arena today?" she asked.

"Selena Gomez" I replied taking a fry out of my fry box.

"Oh well we can go shopping" She said. Don't get us wrong we love her but the thing is we already meet her and we are friends so ya...

"Idea!" I yelled out with my pointer finger pointing to the ceiling. "We can ask Selena if she would like to go shopping with us later"

"Oh great idea... I'll call" Christie says as she gets her phone out, types the number, and puts the phone to her ear.

Christie P.O.V.

-Phone Call-

"Hey Sel!" I said perky in her phone.

"Hey Christie" Selena says.

"I was wondering if you would like to go shopping with me and the girls in an hour when you get here"

"Oh sure that'll be great... Listen I gotta go bye!" she said in the phone,

"Alright see you then bye!"

-End Of Phone Call-

I finished the phone call with Selena and me and the girls resumed the convo.

"She said she can come" I told them as I sat down.

"Great lets get ready" Jen said.

"Ok I'll drive you 2 home" Sophia said.

"Ok thanks lets go" I said and got my food and belongings. They did the same and and Jen went in her car and we left to my house.

-1 Hour Later-

Selena P.O.V.

"Ok Sel you pick where to go first" Soph said as we entered the Mall.

"How about Forever 21" I suggested.

"Ya I modeled there 2 days ago. They got new cute stuff and I can get you guys discounts" Jen said to us as we were entering the store. We bought some shoulder off shirts, skirts, shoes, boots, jeans, jeggings, tank tops, jewelry and other cute stuff. We paid and we went to--- Areopostale, Hollister, American Eagle, Wet Seal, and other stores we don't know the names but we saw some cloths in the window and went in. We had so many bags to carry around. We got hungry so we went to the food court. We got our food and sat down to eat.

"So you girls coming to my concert later?" I asked and I toke a sip of my coke.

"Sure if you'd like" Christie said and I nodded.

"Ok I'll invite Ash and You invite Jen" Sophia said and she got out her phone and texted someone which I'm guessing is Ash. I was still confused.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

''Oh since we work at a Arena we can stay at a concert and invite one person as long as we take a longer shift tomorrow.. Which isn't a big deal" Sophia explained to me.

"Oh ok" I said.

"I'm tired I wanna go home" Jen complained. I couldn't blame her she has to wake up at 7 in the morning.

"Ok we can all go in my Limo" They nodded and we all walked out and went in to the limo. I dropped them home and went to my tour bus to get dressed.

-30 minutes later-

I am done with the make up now I need to get dressed.

-45 minutes later-

"I'm done" I whispered to my self. I got off the bus and walked backstage to see Ash, Jen, Shoph, Christ, and TAYLOR!

"Hi Taylor when did you get here" I said and hugged her.

"A while ago I wanted to see you before I go on tour" She said and hugged back.

"Hey girls" I said and hugged the rest of them. We wore these....

"I love your outfits" I said.

"Thanks we love yours too" Ashley said and I had to go on stage.

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