Combiner's Legacy; Jing's Epic

Jing Shen is chosen by divine beings known as the "Celestians" to stop death himself; Dar Rotcha, from resurrecting the almighty Combiner and using it's power to kill God himself.


1. The Beginning

Justification, what is the barometer for it? Does the right thing always satisfy the majority? And does the wrong thing always penalize? This is........ The Combiner's Legacy.


There is a village located on a lake within the country of Guójiā Shuǐ. A savior awaits to blow the black clouds that not only hover over the world, but over the very fabric of reality itself.

Jing was the black sheep of not only his family, but his entire village, where as everyone around him had the ability to manipulate liquids, he only had a dark secret to hide, he was a Seraph user.

Jing was sitting alone on a stool that was placed right in front of his cottage home, which was the norm for this village that was built on top of Lake Kāishǐ. "Jing, why do you sit by yourself here, shouldn't you be with the other children fishing for the village's upcoming festive?" asked Jing's father. "I should, but you know I can't breath underwater, let alone stand on it, I feel like I'm cursed with playing with ghost" responded Jing with a defeated tone. "I know you're a.... special case, but remember not to blurt out such a thing, we all know the world's perception on your kind hasn't come into a positive light yet." said Jing's father. "But why does it seem like life decided I had to be born into these conditions? It seems like since day one, the powers that may be made the decision to make sure I live in misery of being too different" said Jing who's on the verge of breaking down.

Jing's father placed his hand on his son's right shoulder. "You have to stay strong, for whatever reason, you were born they way you are. I always believed that it was to help you become a stronger person one day, perhaps for a greater purpose." Said Jing's father in a commiserating fashion. "Tell you what, why don't you head into the East Forest and gather those Shēnghuó Berries that you and your mother love so much, maybe we can make something with them." said Jing's father. "O....Ok" said Jing ploddingly transitioning from his depressive state to a more normal train of thought.

Jing had done just that, he made his way into this thick forest, it was a calm setting, the sound of birds chirping and insects making their unique sound it was symphony of nature. Jing was able to think clearly as he stowed away berries into his mother's hand basket, he pondered on his place in life, and why the things that involve him are the way they are. Just as he thinks, he spots an unusually large Shēnghuó berry, while normally the size of a golf ball, this one was the size of a basketball, it's prodigious size begged him to pick it, but he had also noticed it was hanging off a vine that was growing on a steep hill, he knew he had to be careful climbing up and down from this hill or else he would risk rolling down for a agonizing while.

Jing had climbed down to the berry's location, now he had to be careful to pluck it from it's vine. He firmly grabbed the berry with both hands, hoping it would be an easy pull, unfortunately it was not. "Gah, come loose you stupid but tempting berry, why must you make this harder than it must be?" asked an aggravated Jing to an inanimate fruit. Becoming somewhat desperate, he decided to use full force to pull it from it's vine, of course this did not go well, as Jing managed to successfully pluck the mammoth sized berry, but as a result it becoming picked unexpectedly caused him to be unprepared for the force to pull him back and thus, he went rolling down the hill.

Jing sensed the dirt and pointed rocks prick his skin and pressing hard against his body, but his painful ride came to a halt when banged against a tree. "OW, I really should have thought that though." Said Jing as he checked his body for any cuts and bruises. "NO!, that berry was squashed, and after that risk I took." shrieked Jing who looked at the pile of squashed fruit that was once a gigantic berry, Jing looked at his surroundings and gazed upon the large tree that stood in from of him, it was a humbling experience to behold at something that dwarfs oneself. "Amazing, I wonder how long it took this tree to become so huge" wondered Jing. "Is.... Is someone there?" said a mysterious voice.

The voice caught Jing by surprise, he felt cautious to the presence of another unknown being, but then it hit him, he felt a strange menial energy nearby. Jing felt this energy to be familiar but of what it was exactly, he could not recall. "Please let someone actually be there, I am in dire need of assistance, as in GET ME OUT OF THIS CAGE!" Shouted the voice. Jing detected that it was coming from the other side of the massive tree. He cautiously approached the other side, and what he saw next astonished him, he had found a decaying dry skeleton that wore tattered cloths that insects and time had eaten away. "What the..... how did this even......" asked a stammering Jing, the very sight was enough to cause him regurgitate in horror and disgust.

Jing stared at the ground, trying to regain his composure, he wondered why a skeleton that was once a living breathing human being was lying out in the forest. "Over here, please tell me that you can hear my voice" asked the voice. Jing had taken a deep breath he thought of what to do next, he can clearly hear a voice coming from besides the body, with his body going cold and sweat streaming down his face, Jing had decided to inspect the voice. He investigated the corpse and he had discovered a small cage box made from bamboo and inside it was a little spirit.

The puny ghost looked upon his founder. "Oh.... Oh thank goodness you found me, please free me from this wooden prison" pleaded the ghost. Jing stood there and wondered what he should do as he knew nothing of this little spirit in small cage. "How can I be sure that you were not put in there for a reason?" asked Jing cautiously. "Please, do not be as cruel as the girl who put me in here. Though I can offer nothing of value, I assure you that I am not a violent poltergeist that you may perceive me as." said the ghost begging to be freed. "I..... I guess I can free, but why is it you simply can't escape by your own free will?" asked Jing. "Since you're a spirit, you should be able to go though matter." Stated Jing. "I would have escaped by myself a long time ago, but this cage was made by a female student of mine whom was a spirit type, she used her power to enchant the tag placed on to of this wooden structure to prevent my freedom." explained the ghost.

"Very well, i'll take the risk, get ready" said Jing, he hesitates but he breaks the tiny wooden cage. The ghost quickly realizes that he is finally free. "THANK YOU, I cannot express my gratitude enough" said the overly happy ghost. "Oh, I almost forgot proper etiquette, allow me to introduce myself young man, my name is Noel Chaucer" revealed the ghost. "Ah well my name is Jing Shen, kind ghost" replied Jing. "Well again, thank you kind man, even as a ghost, I should return to my home of Domuciland" said Noel. "Wow you're all the way from the west?" asked a curious Jing.

"Yes I arrived here to this country to teach a very wealthy family's daughter, which sadly lead to my demise" said Noel as he breaks himself off. Noel crouched to the ground that his supernatural body sat on feeling discomforted with reliving the memory. "But I hope the university's president can justify this when I return, surely with him being a Seraph type, he can still communicate with me." said Noel is a more reassuring tone. "Really?" asked Jing, "I thought us Seraph users are a taboo in today's world" said Jing in a confused manner. "Today's world? What year is it?" asked a baffled Noel. "It's 2013 if I recall correctly" said Jing. "WHAT!? really? But last I recollect it was 1420, so that means...." Noel said as the realization as set in. "I'VE BEEN DECEASED FOR ALMOST 600 YEARS!!!!?!?!?!" Yelled Noel tormented with this fact.

Jing stood there, awkwardly with this literal crying soul, Jing had no idea what to say, so he decided he would try to say something as comforting as possible. "So...... what are you planning to do now?" asked Jing. Noel at first was caught off guard by such a question, but he realized that he would have to think of what he is going to do next. "I.... I guess the only option I have is to ascend into the afterlife, since there is no place for me in this new world." said Noel with uncertainty. "Well..... very well, if you must ascend, then I hope you can find peace in the heavens" said Jing wanting to wish Noel the best. "Thank you, now I must fly to the unknown" said Noel. 
Noel does just that, has he disappears into this ray of light, where he is to go next is a mystery.

Later that night, Jing lied on his bed glaring at the ceiling pondering on what just happened today, the thought of conversing with a ghost was a surreal one, but it also got Jing thinking of what is death like, an age old question asked by man since he first became aware of the fact of living, then ceasing to exist. Jing also thought to himself, that Noel could have became his friend, but like a caged bird, he knew could not stop Noel from going where he was meant to.

It was a tranquil night, the only sound came from the various lake inhabitants, but the crickets to the frogs. Jing was questioning if he could continue handling this isolation from his fellow village people, he questioned if..... he should even continue life anymore. The very thought of all this made his head hurt, he simply wished that he could make these thoughts go away. 

Then unexpectedly a light shines into Jing's face, it was blinding and had an obscure aura surrounding it. Jing had no idea what this was or better yet why it was happening. The light vanishes and Jing drops to his knees with his hands covering his face, his eyes tearing up from the pain.

"Jing, I have returned with tremendous news" said the voice. Jing immediately recalled who's voice it was that spoke. "No...Noel? you came back?" asked Jing who was now slowly regaining his vision. "Yes, I went to the realm where the Celestians reside. And they told me to return to you" said Noel who sounds excited. "They..... they truly exist? Why would they send you back to me?" asked Jing whose mind is still warped by this sudden revelation. "Well you see first I talked to a Celestian who lead  me to another who lead me to another, and that was when I was confronted by one named St. Michael." said Noel trying to rush himself. "Yes, yes, then what" asked Jing who's interest has been peaked. "He told me of dastardly plot being formed by the Seraph Spirit himself" said Noel. "A evil plot by a powerful being? I don't like how that sounds" said Jing with concern.

Noel then continued to reveal more "It's terrible and you're the one the Celestians have chosen to take the task of stopping this". And with that, a epic was about to begin.

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