Combiner's Legacy; Jing's Epic

Jing Shen is chosen by divine beings known as the "Celestians" to stop death himself; Dar Rotcha, from resurrecting the almighty Combiner and using it's power to kill God himself.


2. Stepping Forward

"The journey is the destination" - Hell If I Know

"I..... I have to stop an elemental spirit? ME! A simple human?" Asked Jing, who was up in arms about being told that he must stop a powerful being. "Yes, that was at least what I was told by St. Michael" said Noel. A sudden quietness could be heard (or not heard) from outside, it was almost as if nocturnal wildlife were interested in this conversation.
"Are you positive that who or what you talked to was indeed 'St. Michael'?" asked Jing who was becoming skeptical over this situation. "I believe so, I mean he said to me 'Lo, I am the assistant to the Celestian of Knowledge, St. Michael' Of course that may mean his name is really Loiamtheassistanttothecelestianofknowledge St. Michael, but I highly doubt that" said Noel who sounds a bit winded from saying that long name."Ok ok, so assuming that was him, what did he say exactly on me apparently being this 'Chosen One'?" asked Jing. 
"First he said that the Seraph Spirit, Dar Rotcha, was planning some deviously grand, and it the very fate of the world nay, this universe as well" Said Noel, who sounded anxious towards the end. "We are referring to the same Dar Rotcha who is mainly responsible for the Seraph Revolution 300 years ago?" asked Jing who seemed a bit puzzled. "I believe so, I guess with me now being able to roam the earth for the first time in 600 years, means I have much to learn" said Noel. "Ok, but what is this grand scheme of his?" Asked Jing, trying to get the topic back on track. "Oh.. Right, well evidently he is planning to end the reality of this universe, by killing the one who created this universe in the first place. God himself" said Noel ominously.
"Does he truly believe he can pull off something that grand? How does he expect carrying that out anyway?" Asks Jing who is disbelief. "Well the St. Michael never specified, but that is what he told me. He also did say you are the one selected to stop the plans from coming into completion ." Says Noel. "Wow I.... I honestly don't know how to feel or what to say right now" says Jing whose mind is boggled at this situation. "Well tell you what Jing, since I do not believe even the Celestians expect you to do all this in a day, you should sleep on this, I am sure after a night's rest, you will be able to think clearly tomorrow's morn." says Noel. "I'm... I'm not sure if I can do it that simply." says an anxious Jing. "Well while you try and rest, I'll return to the Realm of the Celestians and try to learn more information on this whole ordeal" says Noel. 
Noel then disappeared, returning to the Heavens in hopes of learning more of the Celestians' will, meanwhile Jing attempted to sleep that night, but his mind continued to wonder what to make of this ordeal. It was a long night for Jing.
The following day, Jing awoke from a short sleep, he feels as if he had slept only for two maybe three hours. It would not be surprising if that were the case, as he stayed up for a large portion of the night thinking of the thought that he was chosen by a society of divine beings. 
Jing had searched for his father, and eventually found him at his village's lakeside, he was trying to catch fish since it was the time of year when the lake's fish population was experiencing a burst. Jing had been feeling mixed emotions on his situation, he had been undergoing issues that concern his place within the village of almost all Liquid Types, he thought that the only person he could consult with such a topic was with his own father.
"Father, may I please speak to you?" asked Jing who felt nervous about the thought of him discussing such a troubling topic. "Yes Jing, of course you can" Said his father. "Great I..." as Jing was about to talk, his father interrupts. "While you are here, do you mind aiding me collecting this fishing equipment and the bucket of fish?" Asked his father. "Sure" Said Jing without objection. "So what is it you came to me for?" asked his father, who seems concerned. "Well I think it's obvious I do not belong here in this village because of my...... condition" said Jing who feels as if some weight is being lifted off his back. "I..... I know, we have all known this for a while now, I just wish we knew what we could do to change this, but if we had such knowledge, then I guess our lives would perfect, now wouldn't it?" Said his father, who tries to sound sympathetic with his black sheep son. "I'm aware, but really I almost feel that this village is akin to a prison for me, I just feel confined in a place that I do not need to be at." Said Jing, who's voice as a hint of anguish.
"I know where you are coming from, I too wanted to see the world. So, I started by going over to the neighboring village that is located all the way over the forest to the north. There I found a temple where monks had been taking care of the structure for many ages according to them at least." Said Jing's Father. "So what did you find with the monks?" asked a curious Jing. "The monks helped me find assurance in myself for my place in the universe, they helped guide me to a sense of self value, and they helped me achieve this by teaching me their ways of unpretentiousness, modesty, and love for all creatures of the world" says Jing's Father, who seems to become a bit nostalgic over recounting his younger days.
Just as Jing attempts to respond, Noel appears before Jing. 
"I have returned, with more understanding of you being the chosen one" says Noel, who seems eager to expand more on the situation. "You now return? Just when I was having a deep conversation with my father" says Jing who seems both surprised and annoyed with Noel's sudden return. "Sorry of this is a bad time, but I really think you should listen to what I have unraveled" says an excited Noel. "Jing why do you talk with yourself?" asks his father who is puzzled at what appears to be his son talking to thin air. Jing was caught off guard, and then quickly remembers that initially, only he can see ghosts. "Hmm, I wonder if I could somehow materialize Noel to become visible to someone like my father" Jing says to himself in his head. He decides to test out the extent of his power and attempts to make Noel visible. With some concentration and effort, Jing was successful.
"Is.. is that a ghost?" asks Jing's Father, who can now see Noel quite clearly. "Y....Yes it is, I saved him from an enchanted wooden box that he was imprisoned in" says Jing. Noel quickly realizing he can be seen, feels an awkward tension, so he quickly responds with "Greetings, I am Noel Chaucer and I hail from Leeds, Domuciland" says Noel trying to be as formal as possible. "Jing, what is this about, and what business does this spirit have you?" asks his father who is very curious at this point. Before Jing could answer, Noel cuts him off. "Well you see sir, I come bearing a message from St. Michael regarding Jing's position as their chosen hero". "Who has chosen my son and for what?" asks Jing's Father. "The Celestians themselves" says Noel. Silence falls on them, as Jing's Father tries to make sense of what he just heard.
"I... cannot believe it, how am I to be sure that you are really a messenger of the Celestians?" asks Jing's Father. "Well, before I even try to do so, I feel I must deliver this urgent message to your son" says Noel who then continues "Jing, according to Michael, the Naraph Spirit, Dar Rotcha, is planning to bring back a long forgotten weapon of mysterious power. And as such you were the Celestian's selected hero, and Michael says that you must start this journey by leaving this village home of your's and head to the city of Ruthenia, in the kingdom of Sylahir". "Is that all he said" asks Jing. "Yes, he did not go into much detail there, but he did give me this map that is the most accurate, and it seems to have magical influence as it has your location and the designation" says Noel, who waves the map around. 
"Wow, so you really are a messenger, I am in disbelief. And my son, you're.... you are really going on this divine quest" says Jing's Father, who is absolutely astonished at this sudden news. "I'm surprised too, especially since I must journey far up into the north west" says Jing. "Indeed, luck we have this map here, so while we follow this, we should be able to reach our destination, and since we know exactly how to get there, we should set off tomorrow, as the day seems to be coming to an end" says Noel. 
For the duration of that day and later in the night. Jing prepared for his departure, he felt a mix of emotions, sad that he would most likely not see his family for a while, but also happy that he now has a purpose to leave his village.
The following morning Jing had primed himself to setoff, and before he goes he says his final farewell to his father.
"Father, where is Mother?" asks Jing. "She says she could not handle seeing you go, but I am sure she hopes for the best with you" says his father. "Ah, well do not worry, for I intend to return here one day" says Jing, trying to sound optimistic. "Indeed we have the up most confidence in you, but before you go, there are a few things I want to give you." says Jing's Father who pulls out a burlap bag. Jing's Father opens the bag and reveals two dark blue kickpads. "I want you to have these, I know they go better with combat boots, but I feel they will still be of some use to you, like how they aided me all those years ago. Hopefully all that training the monks gave me that I passed down to you will finally pay off with these". Jing accepts the kickpads, knowing that he will most likely encounter violent situations. "But there is one more item I wish to give you" says his father. Jing's father then reveals a jewel encrusted box.
"You want me to have your exotic jewel box?" asks Jing. "NO, of course not, I want you to have what in the box" says his father, who seemed to not have been amused. Jing's Father opens the box and pulls out a dagger, the dagger has a sharp blade, a bronze handle with a clear crystal on one side of the upper handle, and an indention on the opposite side. "The monks I mentioned yesterday had given me this dagger years ago, they told me someone close to me will need this in the future. Of course  you were not born yet, so I did not think of it at the time" says Jing's Father. Jing humbly accepts the dagger. "Fear not father, I will be responsible with this dagger and use it only when necessary" says Jing reassuringly. "Good, and just remember son, we will always think of you while you are away" says his father. "Wait, how will you explain my disappearance to the other villagers?" asks Jing. "Simple, I will say I sent you off to a neighboring village, they will most likely believe it" says Jing's father, with a smile.
"Well I guess me and Noel, will off into the unknown" says Jing. "Yes, yes, just remember to be careful, and return in one piece." orders Jing's Father. 
And with that Jing set off on foot, heading to Ruthenia, heading into a expedition that will transform him in many ways, both mentally and physically. Jing will never, ever, be the same again.

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