Combiner's Legacy; Jing's Epic

Jing Shen is chosen by divine beings known as the "Celestians" to stop death himself; Dar Rotcha, from resurrecting the almighty Combiner and using it's power to kill God himself.


3. Fog

"The real voyage in discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes." - Marcel Proust

It had been two days since Jing & Noel set off for their epic journey, now they arrive at their destination, the Bering Mountain Range.

"Is the mountain range you spoke of, Jing?" Asked Noel. "Yes, the Bering Mountain Range, it's what separates the Republic of Guójiā Shuǐ from the Tsardom of Sylahir" says Jing on the political      geography of the region. 

As they approach the Bering Mountains, they step in from of a minor hindering obstacle.

Noel goes near this structure with much interest, "What is this? It's like a metal wall but you can see though it." says Noel who is dumbfounded. "This is a chain link, it's something that is more modern from your time, Noel" answers Jing. "Ah, well quite the furtherance from the stone brick walls that I use to" says Noel, who is surprised at the technological advancement that man has made. But then a light bulb lit in Noel's ghostly head, "But why would they erect this metal barrier?" asks Noel. "I guess to keep us out, but as you can see this fence is in poor condition from what I can only guess is years of neglect" says Jing in speculation. "If they put this here to keep us out, should not we second guess advancing further?" says a timid Noel. "Maybe, but the map says I must go this way, unless of course the map changes directions if we move needlessly for days towards the west" says Jing. 'I suppose, but are we putting ourselves in danger this way, I mean it is still a barren mountain range isn't it?" says Noel. "We?, you're a ghost, I should be the one fearing turning into a you" says Jing, somewhat baffled by Noel's statement. "It's been a long time since I have seen the world, there might be some evil soul eating worms in there" says a shaken Noel. "Just come on, if there are worms here then maybe we can throw them in a lake and I can enjoy soul eating fish" says Jing with a cheeky tone.  

And so Jing carefully climbs over the heavily damaged fence and advances though the mountains.

The mountain was fractionally covered in various flora, not to say it was a rainforest, but it had the occasional plants life here and there. From the trees to the moss, to the occasional sole clumps of flower & grass. This is mostly owed to the current Spring season in the region.

"I must say, good thing we arrived in the middle of the Spring season, or else I would be in jeopardy" says a relieved Jing. "Why is that" asks Noel. "Because if it were Summer, I would probably dehydrate and decay into a pile of dry bones, and if it were Winter, I'd would most likely freeze to death. Especially considering that we may not reach the end of this place for another day or two" answers Jing. 

After half a hour of walking in the direction according to the map, giving to Noel by the assistant of the Celestian of Knowledge St. Michael himself. They come to a bridge, literally.

Jing & Noel stop to look at this bridge, That is when Jing comments on the bridge's current condition. "A very old bridge..... yeah, I'm not crossing that" Jing says empathetically. 'Are you sure? I mean its just a bridge, do not think about, and just cross it. It cannot be that bad" encourages Noel. "No way, I'm not crossing this only for it to break apart and to fall to my death" says Jing refusing to cross this deathtrap. "Well it looks like going around may take a considerable amount of time, and the bridge does not appear to be that long of a walk, I am sure you could cross it easily in 30 seconds" says Noel reassuringly. "Ok, ok. I'll do it" says Jing giving in. 

Jing steps his right foot forward onto the degenerating bridge with only one thing going though his mind. "Man, I am going to regret this painfully soon"

Jing makes it half-way though the bridge, every movement he makes causes the bridge to make loud creaking noises as a sign of it's old age. He grasps firmly the old rope railings of the bridge if a floorboard gives though. Suddenly the rope railings begin to break way from the wooden post on the respective sides of the gap.

Jing quickly detects this and hastily peers down the gap to see how long the fall may be. After seeing, he calculates that he may potentially survive it, but not without injury of course. He then turns to a floating Noel and says "Noel, if I do not survive this fall, all I want to say is.... I am going to give you a thrashing in the afterlife" says Jing, while Noel is immediately hoping that Jing endures the drop.

The bridge finally snaps in half, and Jing desperately holds onto the right rope rail. The half that Jing holds onto falls forward and Jing hopes to then climb the wood boards like a ladder up to the other side that he is trying to reach. As his half of the bridge gains momentum and heads for a crash course towards the mountain's natural stone wall, the last thing Jing sees is this stone wall rapidly becoming closer, and then, darkness.  

Jing feels a sense of lightness as if his body has no weight to it. It is a sensational sense that of the likes he has never experienced before. He looks at his surroundings and notices a what seems to be an endless darkness with specks of bright white dots, it was as if he were floating in space itself.

Then abruptly, the distant sounds of a horse's gallop and the infrequent neigh echoed. Jing had no idea as to which direction the noise was coming from. The sound grew louder and louder, as if it were coming closer to Jing's location in this mysterious void.

That is when it he heard a voice come from behind him. "As the bells tolled for you yet, child?" said the ominious voice. And with that Jing turned around and to his horror he saw it, a pale green horse and upon it's sattled was a large, tall, dark skinned figure that weilded a large scythe. 

"And.... who.... are you?" asks Jing with fear hinted in his voice. The dark figure did not reply instead, it chose to unmounted it's horse and stand tall above Jing. Jing gazed upon this tall man cloaked in black with awe at his uncanny height that towered over him. The black clad man finally gave a response, "I have gone by many names from culture to culture. Some refer to me as a raven, others as an angel, and to many I am known as the reaper. My name is Dar Rotcha: The Seraph Spirit". Jing was astounded to learn that the gargantuan man that stood before him is the individual who threatens the universe, the being that he must do battle with. With that Jing firmly plants his feet into the ground and clenches his fist, ready to fight to the death. Dar Rotcha gives a light mocking chuckle and says "Stand down boy, we shall not fight here. I only came because you are having a near death experience, at least with that I can appear before you at least. Because you see I heard you were the Celestian's chosen hero that is supposed to hinder my plan and I just wanted to see what I am up against, and all I can see is an insect";. Jing takes offense to the remark and replies with "Surely the divine beings above see potential in me. I mean maybe they believe this insect will slaughter you soon".

Dar Rotcha is not amused by Jing's bold remark, as a result Dar strikes Jing with a hard right fist to Jing's left cheek. Never before as Jing felt a punch that was similar to being hit in the face with a brick, the blow had enough force to knock Jing several feet away from his assailant. "Be thankful, child that I cannot reap your soul here at the moment" said an angered Dar Rotcha. Jing sat upwards with his hand over his aching left cheek, he looked at Dar Rotcha who continued with "Hehe. I do not see you making it far in your quest in this state. Your best judgment is to return home as to spare yourself the gruesome fate that awaits you and enjoy your final days". And with that Dar Rotcha mounts his horse and rides off into the yonder. Jing on the other hand is in bewilderment at the incident that just occurred.

Many thoughts ran though Jing's mind. He wondered if he began to question if he could possibly stand a chance against a might that Dar Rotcha exerts. The cold hard reality hit Jing in the face, that this war that he must wager with his antagonist will be a battle that shall take him to his very limits.

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