Whats not to love

this is a 1d and emblem 3 fan fic. read to find out


2. chapter 1



I was walking home after a long day of school. I get bullyed every day there, you would think haveing a brother that is famous would help but i does not. I walked up the the front steps and opend the door. I ran pasted the liveing room hopeing my step dad would not see me. Luckly he did't i locked my door and put my bag down. SKYLA!!! GET DOWN HERE NOW!!! i hered my step dad yell for me. I did not want to go, i know what going to hapen but if i didt it would only make things wores. y y yes i said looking at him. i could tell he had been drinking. WHER WHERE YOU! he siad. iii i just got home from school.DON"T LIE TO ME! he said and slaped me across my face. im not i said knowing it was a bad idea. he punched me. i got up off the floor and ran to my room and locked the door. i could not take it anymore this is the 10th time this week he had done this to me. I looked at the pitcher of me my brother my real dad and mom. my dad died in a car crash 2 years ago and my mom died of canser 1 year ago. i hered my step dad coming to room. OPEN THIS DOOR! i hered him yall banging onthe door. i grabed the bag i had under my bed and grabed my phone and opend the windo. juts then my door swong open and i jupmed out my windo. GET BACK HERE! i hered my setp dad yall at me. I got up and ran and keep runing until i could not here my step dad any more. i puled out my phone and called my brother.

D= drew S= Skyla

D: Hey sky

S: Drew... he did it again.. he hit me....


S: Just now i could not take it anymore so i jumped out my windo and ran

D: ok where are you?

S; I dont know

D: whats around you?

S; Ummm theres a sighn that says hollywood 5 mils away ( there is only one sigh forthat)

D: ok stay there i will got get you

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~30 MINS LATERE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Drew! i said running and hugging my brother. Hey Sky! he saud hugging me back. its been 2 years sents i latest saw you! i said hugging him still. i konw he said. we got in his car and dived to his houes. Sky i hope you dont mind but i have 2 othere people liveing at the houes. Thats fine. we got to the house. Boys i have someone i want you to meet. drew said as we walked in..

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