A New Member

Paige Scott is 18 years old. She is in love with one direction. Her favorite boy in one direction is Niall horan. What happens when they come to her school, and announce they want a new member in one direction?? Would they pick her or not?? Would she learn they are Pervs and they only want to have sex?? She would have to have sex with each of them!!!!! Would she fall in love with zayn malik or the rest of the boys?? I can't tell al of it SO.....
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN A New Member!!!!!.......


6. Chapter 6:

Paige POV:

I woke up in zayn's arms. I tried to get out of his arms but it was useless. I can tell he was awake. I stared a t him for awhile, until his eye shot wide open. Wich scared me leading me to fall of the bed. He started to laugh. I got up from the floor and grabbed the pillow and threw it at him. He got up from the bed and went to the bathroom. I followed him. " Paige I'm not trying to be mean, but I'm trying to take a shower. So do you mind!." He told me. " no but i want to go pee, soooo you get out" i told him. " fine but make it fast " zayn said. 

- Skip the bathroom part -

I got out the bathroom. Zayn went in. I waited for him. I sat on the bed until he got out. He was only in boxers. I went over to him and asked him a question. " zayn could you please beat up Niall for me" I asked. " can't do thata sorry he is my mate" he told me. I sighed and got out of the room. I went downstairs and to the kitchen. Niall was there. I poured some cereal into a bowl and milk. Niall stared at me. " what are you looking at" I spat at him. He left the kitchen. I finished my plate and washed it. I was in the living room when Harry comes down. He stares at me. ( I am wearing short shorts and a strapless shirt). I stand up and I was about to leave. But Harry comes and grabs me. He starts to kiss me. He lifts me on to the wall he wraps my legs around his waist. I pushed away. Luckily for me I got out of his grip. I ran upstairs to zayn. I don't tell him though. " hey zayn can I ask you another question" I asked. " sure thing" he told me. " ok the question is.........


So hey my little carrots. This is the FIRST cliffhanger in this story. Also I'm sorry for not updating this story in like for ever.. 

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