A New Member

Paige Scott is 18 years old. She is in love with one direction. Her favorite boy in one direction is Niall horan. What happens when they come to her school, and announce they want a new member in one direction?? Would they pick her or not?? Would she learn they are Pervs and they only want to have sex?? She would have to have sex with each of them!!!!! Would she fall in love with zayn malik or the rest of the boys?? I can't tell al of it SO.....
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN A New Member!!!!!.......


4. Chapter 4:

Page POV:

The next day i woke up i turned to see the new place i Was in. I looked all around and i see eleanor and dony still sleeping. I get up and wake them up. We all went downstairs and scared the boys. The big problem there Was no boys in the House. We decided to go in the pool. Eleanor lent me a bikini. We all went to the pool and got in. We played in the pool like seemed for hours. Apparently the boys walk in the the big room that was the jacuzzi and pool room. We looked at them. That's when they all take of thier clothes and get In only in boxers. Zayn goes next to me. " I would really like you to come and kiss me, and take of you're bikini so I can see even more of you're sexiness" zayn whispered to me. I shook my head and went next to el. After that iPad all went inside. I was hungry even the girls because we skipped breakfest. We spent the whole day in water. We told the boys we were hungry, so zayn ordered 8 large pizzas. One for each of us. Be we might mostly share. While the pizza was being maded everyone decided to take a shower and dress into pjs. After we were done we watched tv. After five minutes the pizza arrived. Me and el and Dany took the pizzas and sat down while the boys payed for the pizza. After we sat down and ate.


Im sorry my lil carrot heads for the chart chapter but I wanted to say I'm writing 2 new movellas. I made this one first it is called I see you it's a scary movella. The second one I made a week after is called the way it is a fanfiction. That is all I wanted to say bye my lovelies......

-MalikGurl37 -

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