A New Member

Paige Scott is 18 years old. She is in love with one direction. Her favorite boy in one direction is Niall horan. What happens when they come to her school, and announce they want a new member in one direction?? Would they pick her or not?? Would she learn they are Pervs and they only want to have sex?? She would have to have sex with each of them!!!!! Would she fall in love with zayn malik or the rest of the boys?? I can't tell al of it SO.....
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN A New Member!!!!!.......


3. Chapter 3:

Paige POV:

I was in major shock when the boys said my name out loud. The boys didn't know my name yesterday because I didn't tell them, so they were seeing who was the girl. I walk up to them and smile. Harry grabs my hand and says " this is the new member of one direction" EVRYONE screamed and cheered. I also recieved a couple of boos, but I didin't care. After that they boys took me outside. They took me to their limo. It was hard getting through because there was a hundred screaming fans out here, or even more than a hundred. The security's led me in first then all the boys. Once we were in Liam told me that they took me out of school. I litterlay screamed. " WHY " I shouted at them. " because you are in you last year " Louis said. I made a face to all of them and turned away. I was so mad at them, I though I was going to explode from all the anger inside of me.

- Skip the limo ride -

We arrived in a huge place, well I didn't think it was a place I think it is a mansion. There was a big gate in front. The gate opened and in went the limo. Once we were parked, the boys got out immediately. They took out all of the bags. I couldn't even carry my bags because the security's were all like " no you will be a celebrity, it is our responsibility so be quiet ". That is harsh, even though its me not carrying my bags. But I want to carry my bags today. One of the security's opened the door. I was the first one in. EVRYONE put the luggage down and sat down. I just stood there and stand. I stranded there like an idiot until Niall pulled me down to sit next to him. I get up again. " let me get this strait, Harry is the pervert, Louis is the funny boy who has a fake pet pigeon named keving and he likes carrots, Niall is the cute Irish boy, Liam is the boy who has a birthmark on his neck and he is the overprotective one, zayn is the Bradford bad boy" I told them. That's when zayn stands up and smiles and comes over to me and says " I would really want to see you naked in bed with me". " let me rephrase that zayn is the pervert " I told them. Zayn goes back and sits down and smirks. " we are all perverts but the one that is mostly perverted are zayn and Niall, " Harry told me. "The security's left already" Liam said. " so we have more time to play with this little doll " zayn said getting up and slapping my bum. I was worried but I didn't show it. That's when Liam gets up and says " we'll who is going first on her". " me " zayn said. He took my arm but I pushed i pushed it away. He looked at me and grabbed my hand even harder. He picked me up bridal style. He put me on a bed, he locked the door and took of his clothes. He went back to a drawer and it seemed like he took out protection. He comes up to me and takes of my shirt and pants, leaving me only in undies and bra. He smirked and kissed me, I tried to push away but he was too strong, so I just stayed there but I still tried to push away. I moaned sometimes when he put his thing in me. After a hour he got off me. He changed and went downstairs. I took a shower and changed into the clothes I had on before. I went downstairs to see Eleanor Calder and Danielle peazer. I went up to them and said " I haven't seen you In a long time ". " I know us too but we heard you were here and you were the new member in one direction so we came and congratulated you" Eleanor said giving me a medium sized box with holes and Dany birthday bags. I quickly opened the bags and they were so much clothes and shoes and accessories. I hug Dany. I open the box leaving me to reveal two little puppies. " there newborns " Eleanor said. I hugged and said thank you. After that I told the boys if they can both sleep over. " sure " all of them said. Me, Eleanor, Dany quickly go upstairs. We watched a bunch of scary movies that the room had. The boy already told me wich I was going to have it was super big. After that we went to go to sleep.

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