A New Member

Paige Scott is 18 years old. She is in love with one direction. Her favorite boy in one direction is Niall horan. What happens when they come to her school, and announce they want a new member in one direction?? Would they pick her or not?? Would she learn they are Pervs and they only want to have sex?? She would have to have sex with each of them!!!!! Would she fall in love with zayn malik or the rest of the boys?? I can't tell al of it SO.....
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN A New Member!!!!!.......


2. Chapter 2:

Paige POV:

I woke up to my dog licking me in the face. I get up and take a shower, after the shower i got dressed into this.

I went downstairs and got a banana and a apple. The banana to go to school and the apple for lunch. While I was walking I couldn't stop thinking about yesterday. i kissed all of them. I went inside the school and found Lucy she was talking to a teacher. Lucy sees me and tells me, " have you heard that one direction are going to see who won". I just nodded and walked away. I went up to my locker and there was a new note on evry locker once again. I take the not and read it, it said once again you are leaving in 1 hour you will see who won to be the new member in one direction. Please walk to the cafeteria once more. I stick the note where the last one was and walked to the cafeteria. I found my bully's again and they saw me. I ran next to a teacher and sat down on a chair. Lucy found me and sat next to me. Some teachers went to talk then one direction came out. "We will be announcing the new member of one direction today" Niall said staring at me. " but right after we sing some more songs " Louis said. They sung some songs and said well we took like the thousand names that were in the chart over there and wrote them down in a small piece of paper and put them in a box. Zayn held a box for Harry to take a paper out. Harry stuck out a piece of paper and said... Paige Scott. 

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