A New Member

Paige Scott is 18 years old. She is in love with one direction. Her favorite boy in one direction is Niall horan. What happens when they come to her school, and announce they want a new member in one direction?? Would they pick her or not?? Would she learn they are Pervs and they only want to have sex?? She would have to have sex with each of them!!!!! Would she fall in love with zayn malik or the rest of the boys?? I can't tell al of it SO.....
FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS IN A New Member!!!!!.......


1. Chapter 1:

Paige POV:

I was walking toward my locker, when I see a note on it. There were notes on very locker. The note said EVRYONE meet up in the cafeteria, you are not having school today you are leaving in a hour, we just want to tell you something. After that I stuck the note back on my locker. I was walking towards the cafeteria and see some lesbians making out. Grabbing each others bum makes me feel un comftarable. I went inside of the cafeteria when I see the bully's of this school. I went to hide with my best friend Lucy. Me and Lucy sat down and lisitined to the teacher. The teacher said specialpeople are here they want a new member in their band. Then the teacher said here they come. Five boys walked out from the back of the cafeteria, it was one direction. They talked to us what was going to happen. EVRYONE was screaming and cheering and also crying. Even some boy directioners. I was cheering of course because I'm a directioner. They also said if we want to enter, we have to sighn in those papers in the wall. They singed some songs and the they left. Almost EVRYONE went to sigh up, I did too of course. But it was a barly chance I would win, but I still entered." I got to keep my hopes up" I thought!! After that we all could go home. When I was walking, I took my phone and texted Lucy, to that it lead me to bump into people. I was about to say I'm so sorry. But I looked up and saw it was one direction. I totally fainted. 

- Skip This Part -

I woke up with the sound of familiar voices. Is she dead I heard a voice say. No she just moved Another one said. I opened my eyes and saw five boys staring down at me. I screamed leading me to get of the bed and blankets. I looked down and i didn't have a shirt on. I only had my bra. I said why am I not wearing my shirt. "Louis said you were sweating" Harry said. " we all decided to take you're shirt off" they all said at the same time. " then why do I have five small hickeys" I told them. They all said yeah well we kinda did that to you. I got my shirt and heade downstairs but I got pulled back in by the boys. They all said you can leave If I kiss them all, for 30 minutes. I said is that all I told them."  That is easy" I said to them. Then zayn says let's start. I go up to Louis and kiss him. After Louis it was Liam's turn. After Liam it was Harry's turn. After Harry's turn it was zayn's turn. Zayn is so hot. But Niall is sexy. After zayn I went up to Niall, I started to kiss him. I felt fireworks and butterfly's all at the same time. After that I left to my house and texted Lucy. 

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