A collection of my poems.
Some were originally in one of my other books and others are new.


1. The Story of Free

~Author's Note~

I know I have published this poem before

but it had to be in my poems collection 

for it means a lot to me, so here it is. 

I hope y'all like it. 




“Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free.”  

-Paulo Coelho, Eleven Minutes







My name is Free, I was born in war, 

I've never known who my parents are, 

I just know that they were killed when I was four, 

By our enemy, but I know nothing more. 


I live in a city surrounded by fire, 

Freedom is the only thing people desire.

But how can we be free, when they've got everything,

they've got money and weapons. But we still have to cling, 

cling onto life, onto hope. Know that someday, 

our country will be ours and we'll not accept delays. 


I walk in the streets, there are bodies everywhere, 

I try not to think who these people even were. 

Blood, bones no flesh, no souls, 

while walking in the street, I can see 'n smell it all. 


We don't count anymore, how many people die, 

Death became our friend, who daily passes by.

We never even cry, when we lose our beloved, 

We bury them with our hands, our hands sure gloved. 


In the dirt they go, lifeless and alone, 

there they remain, and soon what's left are bones.

Yet I can still smell them as I walk, 

so I try not to annoy them, I try not to talk. 

I just say one sentence; and I mean it everytime

I will join you someday, when I know it's the time. 


The place I call home is the place of my gran

She's sweet and kind. Her name is Anne. 

I've lived with her ever since - my parents died, 

She taught me how to live, where to play and where to hide. 

I don't hide anymore, I don't feel the trepidation,

Cause when death wants to come, it'll come with no hesitation. 


I wonder when peace will come, and freedom and concord, 

When everything changes; us, them and the world. 

And when I finally get the nerve, to answer proudly, 

when they ask me 'bout my name I will reply loudly, 

Yes I am Free, by the name and the case, 

This is my land, my home and my place. 














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