A collection of my poems.
Some were originally in one of my other books and others are new.


4. The Sorting Hat Song

"I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest."

-Veronica Roth, Divergent. 



-From my book: A Magical Month



"Oh! you may find me a bit spooky, 

but I tell you I'm not, 

not every cap in the world 

could talk that's what I've got. 

I sort you into houses, 

You may be gay about it. 

and if you weren't soon you will, 

and satisfied you'll get. 

You may be smart and witty, 

and it makes you feel so proud, 

in Ravenclaw and the library, 

you will always be found. 

You may be brave and courageous, 

and with a great tough heart, 

Gryffindor will be your home, 

your new life. your new start. 

If you are loyal with you friends, 

if you are just and kind, 

you'll be a great Hufflepuff, 

keep that in your mind. 

And if  to get what you want, 

you would do any anything, 

Slytherin the house of pride, 

will be your everything. 

So! put me on! Don't be afraid! 

I never make mistakes, 

and you will all be

eagles, lions, badgers or snakes." 


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