A collection of my poems.
Some were originally in one of my other books and others are new.


7. The Beauty of Life

"The most important thing is to enjoy your life - to be happy - it's all that matters."
-Audrey Hepburn






What if snow killed us, would it still have its beauty?

It if turned red, instead of being white…

If fighting in the snow was the soldiers duty,  

If snow fights turned to brutal fights?


Maybe things are only nice if we make them so,

Maybe we can see the beauty in anything.

Maybe being happy will be harder as you grow,

But never do we know what life may bring.


Maybe it’s the sun that shines every day,

Maybe it’s the hope or the faith or the dreams.

Maybe it’s not caring ‘bout what other people say,

Maybe life isn’t like what it seems.


Maybe it’s the smile, you give for a stranger,

Maybe it’s your friend’s tear that you wipe

Maybe it’s the risk, or being in danger,

Maybe it’s the pain of the life's swipe. 


Maybe it's fact that says we don't know, 

What future might bring us, good or bad, 

Maybe it's the fact that we live even though,  

We don't let the unknown, drive us mad. 


Maybe it's the love, maybe it's the care, 

Maybe it's the family or friends we have, 

Strange situations, things that are rare, 

People who are special, who we're happy to have. 


The beauty of life might be happiness, 

Being able to be happy no matter what, 

A thought that would make you worry less. 

Not caring about the world somewhat.





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