A collection of my poems.
Some were originally in one of my other books and others are new.


2. In the Rag Top

"Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter."

 -Izaak Walton




-From my book: The Secrets Book




In the rag top we got, trying to have fun, 

From dawn to twilight, our guard was the sun. 

And from twilight to midnight, we just had the car's lights,

When we went to the mountains, that was a great sight. 


We went to many places, and enjoyed our time, 

we didn't care for people's opinions, having fun isn't a crime. 

We took the risk and slowly tried standing,   

 Looking from out there, the road kept on expanding. 


We turned on the radio, and started singing along, 

We didn't care about our voices, these were our favorite songs. 

We raised our hands, the wind blowing them gently, 

To the music we listened, we listened intently.


We talked a bit, and laughed a lot,

the weather was fantastic, then it got so hot. 

We undid our jackets, and took off the scarves, 

We said funny things and gave each other high-fives. 


Glimmer in the driving seat, next to her I sat, 

I shouted so they can hear me, and yelled but never spat

Then we drove so fast, like driving in a rally,

In the back seats shrieked Megan, Anna, Sophie and Nelly. 


The trip was long, but felt like hours, 

we soon reached a place full of grass, trees and flowers. 

The sun was sat, and the light was dim, 

I saw the pool and really wanted to swim. 


Out of the car, we got, and got our stuff, 

we had some food and the water was enough. 

Everything was there, now we tried to set up the tent, 

The time trying to do this was the hardest we spent. 


The tent was complicated, which was unexpected, 

The tent got sat up, as the tent poles got connected. 

This was the night, we were going camping, 

We set the fire and started dancing. 


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