A collection of my poems.
Some were originally in one of my other books and others are new.


10. Bluto

"We need to spread out now in the universe. I think in 100 years we'll be living on other planets."

-Neil Young



A short poem from my unpublished book: Blueto 



"The sky is awake and blue, 

Our mountains are blue too, 

The sun shines dimly for you, 

On our little planet Bluto.


Another day has come, 

wake up Blutoers it's a new day, 

There's no place for the glum,

Our planet's for the happy and gay. 


Thank you God, for my life here, 

In the planet of love and joy!

Cheer oh people, loudly cheer,

God bless Bluto! Hoy, hoy!"





~Author's Note~

I know this isn't my best, 

but .. well you should read the book to get it.

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