A collection of my poems.
Some were originally in one of my other books and others are new.


5. Blind

"We are all more blind to what we have than to what we have not.” 
― Audre Lorde, Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches







Slowly I started opening my eyes, 

and tried not to think about the past's cries,

I have to face the truth, I have to be convinced, 

that I had an accident and couldn't see ever since.


I'm completely blind, and can't see a thing. 

I'm just like a bird with no wings, 

Just like a singer who cannot sing, 

Just like a kingdom with no king. 


I'm helpless, I'm alone in a world of emptiness, 

Sometimes I get tired from all of this darkness. 

But what can I do? Now that I have no sight? 

I can't even tell when there's darkness and when there's light. 


Yes I'm hopeless and I'm weak, and it feels so wrong, 

Cause I've always been so tough, have always been so strong, 

Never in my life have I thought I'd get so weak, 

But, nowadays I barely eat I barely speak.


My mother called my name, her voice was clear, 

"You're awake my love? You're awake my dear?" 

To where her voice came from I turned my face,

I wanted to stand up, but I stayed in my place, 

I wanted to answer "Yes, I am." But I didn't say a word.

Mum started crying, I could tell from what I heard. 


I nodded, "Yes, I am." and I stretched my hand,

trying desperately to reach my mother's face and, 

to touch her gently, like she touches me, 

To help me, she bent down and smiled with glee. 


"You're talking." She said. My hand traveled to her eyes, 

Yes, they were wet, I knew they won't be dry. 

I nodded slightly, closed my eyes and smiled. 

She wrapped her arms around me, I am after all her child.


And it suddenly hit me, I don't have to end my life, 

Not by a gun, not by a knife, 

But by acting like this, like my life has ended, 

My life was still the same, my life was splendid.

It just changed a bit, and a bit of changing is not bad, 

We have to take things easy, life is too short to be sad. 


Yeah, I may be blind, but I can see the good in life, 

I'm just going through a permanent self strife

But I'll get through this, I know by my heart, 

Now I will be strong, and with a new life I'll start. 












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