An Ordinary Girl with a Famous Boyfriend

Bella is an ordinary girl. She works as a cashier at Tops. But her boyfriend is Liam Payne and her best friends are Eleanor Calder and Perrie Edwards. The only people in the world that understand what you're going through. This story is about an ordinary girl with a famous boyfriend. So yeah here it goes. *NO HATE! FIRST MOVELLA THAT I AM CONTINUING* *THAT COMPLETELY SUCKED SOWWIEEE*


5. Moving in with Liam?

      Louis's POV 

  She's pregnant. Eleanor is pregnant. I have to leave. How can I father a baby that isn't mine? 

      "I don't want to leave but I have to. Eleanor you can't expect to me to father a baby that isn't mine. Plus, the whole flipping fact YOUR pregnant with SOMEONE ELSE'S BABY!!!!" I snapped. 

     Eleanor's POV

 I lost my Boobear.


       Bella's POV

 I had heard Louis snap at Eleanor so I grabbed my keys and headed for the beach. It winter but its just so pretty there Liam had left to go somewhere. When I was little I used to come down to the beach during the winter time. When I arrived nobody was there which was odd because there was a lot people down here during the winter. I walk down the shore and see lights up ahead. As I get closer I see a faint figure. It's Liam he had planed a romantic lunch. I smiled and ran up to him. 

      "LIAAAAAMMMMMMMMM!!!!" I scream and give him a kiss.


      Louis POV

I feel bad for snapping at Eleanor but I was right. I'm going o move in with Liam!!! 

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