An Ordinary Girl with a Famous Boyfriend

Bella is an ordinary girl. She works as a cashier at Tops. But her boyfriend is Liam Payne and her best friends are Eleanor Calder and Perrie Edwards. The only people in the world that understand what you're going through. This story is about an ordinary girl with a famous boyfriend. So yeah here it goes. *NO HATE! FIRST MOVELLA THAT I AM CONTINUING* *THAT COMPLETELY SUCKED SOWWIEEE*


2. Liam's home!

      Bella's Point of View


   It's 6 am and I'm up tidying up the house that my boyfriend of 14 months and I shared. I am so excited to see him! He's been touring with his band for the past year. I missed him so so so much. I had the comfort of two other girls that were the girlfriends of Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. Perrie and Eleanor have been there for me through out it all. I decide to text Liam. Yes Liam Payne is who I'm talking about. Yes he is my boyfriend. We met at the mall I was walking out of Forever 21 and bumped into him on my way to starbucks and yes literally bumped into. I grab my phone and text him. *L-Liam B-Bella*

B-Hey boo! I can't wait to see you today!!! Do you want me to pick you up at the airport later today????xxxooo

L-Hi babe! I can't wait to hold you in my arms again I miss you like crazy! No love, that's okay. I am going to go to the store with Louis and Zayn to pick up your surprise and then come home is that okay?xxxxxxxxxooooooooo

B-Yup that's fine. It gives me more time to clean and get ready. When does you're flight leave?xx

L-In like 2 hours. You don't need to clean the house babe. l'll help it's OUR house after all and l have been gone for 1 year and missed our 1 year anniversary.xx

B-Babe I wanna make it look nice especially our room haha.xx

L-Babe l will help. 

B-Finnnnneeeeeee when you get home lets watch toy story!!!xxxx

L-That's my girl! And you don't have to ask me twice I love toy story!xxxx

B-Haha. I miss you sooooooooo much. xxxxxxxx

L-l miss you too. Listen l gotta go but l will see you soon. l love youuu!xxxxxx

B-Okay l love you too! MWAHHHHHHHHHH xxxx 



Liam's Point of view

 After she sent me that last text I got in line to board the plane. Bella is my everything. I miss her a lot and Lou misses El and Zayn misses Perrie. Three days ago I called the mayor and asked him to close the beach for us for the day. When we land Lou Zayn and l are going to the store to pick up the stuff we need for the romantic picnic we planned. I lied about leaving in two hours were leaving now I wanted to surprise her after all it's only like an hour flight.

 *Skip plane ride*

The plane landed and me Lou and Zayn went to the nearest store and picked up our things. We grabbed a taxi and drove home. 


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