It's the Legs


2. Who wouldn't

Chapter 2




As he approached us i could feel the sweat start to build up in my palms. Maybe she was right, we could do this. he had definitely been looking at us. But do i want to go backstage? i had idolised this band for the past four years of my life; ever since Becky showed them to me on youtube i was hooked. what if they were dreadful.


“Becky i don’t know if i want to go backstage.” 


“What?! you can’t say that! i have wanted to go backstage for ages. Please go” she had started to pull out the puppy eyes. maybe they wouldn’t be bad. they could be awesome! they could be everything i’ve dreamed them to be. 


“oh heck, who cares were going!” i said to Becky as the bodyguard had finally reached us through the crowd.


“you ladies having a nice time?” his voice was deep, the stereotypical voice you would imagine a 6ft beast of a bodyguard to have.


“yeah we are thank you.” Becky replied whilst batting her eyelashes. Old habits die hard i guess.


“good, well your nights getting better, here i have two VIP tickets curtesy of that young man on stage” gesturing to the guitarist, i looked up slightly and saw him wink at me. I lipped thank you to him though he gave me a strange look.


“what are you doing?” Becky asked by my side.


“Oh nothing” i smiled in hope they would carry on.


“Any way, come backstage any time it’s better to come earlier then later it gets crowded at the entrance with people that want to get in.” As he turned a way he gave me a strange look, a cross between pity and anguish. i thought it was strange but Becky got my attention as she started screaming and doing her happy dance besides me whilst grabbing my arms.


“i would kiss your legs, but that would look weird” she said as she gave me a massive hug.




As we walked into back stage no more than 15 minutes before the end of the concert. All i could hear was the sound of my heart beat in my chest and the blaring music in my ears. somehow the music had gotten louder.


“I can’t believe we are actually here.” Becky proclaimed from beside me. 


Her face was radiant with a smile so big it would please anyone and your only option was to walk past and try not to get blinded. It was like watching a kid at christmas. Except this Christmas consisted of mud, alcohol and did i mention the mud?


“Well you better believe it, i’m pretty sure in no less than half an hour you will be meeting our all time favourite band and we will look into their eyes and faint because of the beauty.” I said whilst look at the joy on her face.


“Bit over the top isn’t it, they aren’t that good.” a voice murmured behind me, instantly Becky’s smile was replaced by a scowl directed at the guy who had insulted her beloved band. For me I wasn’t that offended just thought that this guy needed to have a check up on his musical priorities.


“Your just jealous because they are Beautiful. With a capital B. Were as you probably don’t have a musical bone in your body and are just meh on the sexiness scale.” Becky retorted back at him.


    I turned around and saw the guys slightly amused smile on his tanned face. He had bushy eyebrows that somehow complimented his eternal grey eyes and toned face. His height was shortened by his slumping shoulders, he wore a staff shirt that was a size to big for him, probably on purpose. i hate when guys do that, it’s like they don’t want us to be sure of what they look like underneath. This oppression of oversized t-shirts means that we, the female race, have to wonder upon the under goings of that said staff shirt resulting in the occupation of our ever busy minds. Just on his choice of shirt, I am already frustrated with him, is that bad? Damn why can i never voice my question to people that are actually real. This is what I get for talking to that damned spider.


     As Stacey levelled her gaze to t-shirt boy, I could tell she noticed the grey eyes. That hormonal girl. Again he wore that amused lopsided smirk, he knew I was looking at him. 


Mentally face palming i turned my gaze up to his face reminding my self to take a not to stop having mind conversations, it’s probably creepy. Anyways he had got the wrong idea. I was looking at his shirt. After giving a tiny hardened glare at him I looked towards Becky, her hardened glare was still directed at his grey eyes, so i was safe. If she had caught me looking at him I would not have heard the end of it. 


“What are you two doing backstage?” he flicked his eyes between both of us. Seriously though my obsession with his eyes is unreal. What would help would be if a big black bird came and pecked them out, yeah, there we go, he has no eyes now.


“Well, as you asked we got given backstage passes by.” Becky looked behind her at the beef bodyguards back which had in bright yellow letters ‘STEVE’, “Steve.” 


He looked a little shocked at that news and immediately his eyes locked onto mine. His amusing grin had disappeared replaced with a calculating grimace. His eyes, that i had formally pecked out, flashing emotions quicker than I could detect. What was he trying to tell me? 


“Yes that’s right, the guitarist of Legally Dragons wanted to meet us.” Becky had finished her showing off and noticed him staring at me.


“You can stop staring you know. We don’t even know your name.” She added her nose wrinkling up thinking he was a creeper.


His eyes never left mine. His mystified face was contorted with surprise.


“Why do you look shocked?” I voiced my question. He was taken aback by me asking.


“Because you don’t look like the usuals.”


I scrunched my face up in confusion at that statement, What did he mean the usuals? well obviously he meant other fans. Why didn’t we look like other fans? I was about to ask him that question when he turned away from me.


"I'm staff, I help set up the stage and the technical things. My names Ben, you?"


"The names Becky and this brunette Barbie is Stacey, the pleasure is entirely yours.” she answered with the hint of a curtsy. Rolling my eyes at that little bit of typical craziness Stacey carried on, “and i’m super thirsty so adios amigos be back in a minute.” And with that she left me with a virtual stranger.


As soon as i could no longer see Becky I turned towards Ben and confronted him with my inquisitive gaze.


“What?” he asked


“i saw it earlier, you know.” i replied


“what thing?”


“the message you were trying to tell me with your eyes, which i must say is not a conventional way of communication-”


“what are you-?”


“-and i haven’t the slightest idea what you mean by ‘usuals’. Care to explain?”


“not really.”


“why not?”


“because it’s none of my business.” he answered shortly.


“well who's business is it then?”


“like you don’t know.” he said his eyes hard and glazed over looking at mine.


“okay now i’m confused, what don’t i know?” I looked straight back into his eyes not willing to back down.


“Oh come on. You can’t just expect nothing to of happened when you wear a skirt like that purposely to attract that green eyed monster on stage.” he said frustratedly whilst thrown his arms up in a manor that I was not expecting, causing me to take a slight step backwards.


“He may have invited us back stage, but the likely hood of him even bothering to come and speak to us is, like, 100 to one.” the whole while my inquisitive gaze burned into his face.


“you reckon, well i’ll give you one piece of advise when your faced with him, only because i can see your a nice enough girl and because i am an amazingly charitable person, don’t whatever you do go into a room alone with that. “ he had stepped towards me decreasing the space between us to almost nill, i could feel the heat radiating from his black shirt and the subsequent mystery chest underneath.


“Why ever not?” I question, trying not to be fazed by the closeness that we had right at the moment. 


“Well if you have any regard for safety you would listen to me.” 


“Unfortunately you may be placing your worry on to the wrong person, I may be girl but I know how to handle myself”


with a not so manly snort he retorted “Sure you do.” How dare he judge me. What does he know about me?


“I am not taking advice from a wannabe musician who is probably stuck running around after actual stars because he failed in his life ambitions, so don’t go telling me what to do when your life is probably just as screwed up” and with that I walked away so he couldn’t respond, after my little tirade i thought best to evacuate and try to find Becky. I did not want to see that insufferable grey eyed little,


“meurrrg” i groaned loudly, attracting the attention of a group of girls who seemed to be shocked by my outward display of annoyance. The whole group stood there with their perfectly glossed mouths gapping open. I mean come on, i’m no that weird that they have to stand there staring at me. Then it dawned on me. 


with a small grimace i said “There is someone behind me isn’t there?


 I turned around and for the first time noticed that the backstage area had started to fill up with people. The screams coming from the audience were replaced by the murmuring of people talking, notifying that the concert had ended, which I had missed. After I had scanned the back stage area, I saw a familiar quirky smile, green eyes and jet black straight hair. Nervous bubbles started in my stomach. So that’s what the girls were looking at. As his eyes locked on mine for some reason Bens warning words played in my mind.


“…don’t whatever you do go into a room alone with that.”


Yeah right Ben, who wouldn’t?




Hey guys, long time no write,

Here is chapter 2, i held off for a while i wanted to see what the response to the first chapter would be and as i got 100+reads, i think thats an okay svn.

i'm half way through chapter 4 now, chapter 3 is in the bag and will be published sometime this month.

remember to comment, i love reading comments :)

Live long and prosper.

-E xx

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