It's the Legs


1. It's the Legs

We were like any other girls there, dancing around as if we were the only ones in this muddied down field when in fact we were sandwiched together. Enclosed on all sides by people, strangers who Becky and I had not met before. In any other circumstance I would of been appalled at the personal space issues going on.


“His looking at us!” Becky screamed from besides me. It has long been known that the only form of communication at a concert is screaming until your lungs hurt of the endless grinding together of the bodies of half inebriated people wearing skimpy clothes.


“Which one” I screamed in reply as I spun on my heel looking at every guy around us, not one was looking at us. I turned back round to Becky completely confused to the lie she had just told to me.


“No, on the stage.”


I turned to the stage and indeed there were two piercing green eyes staring at us, I quickly looked away to his white fender strat that he was playing expertly. He played way better then me on my fender; but then again that’s probably the reason why he was playing on a stage to an audience of thousands and me to an audience that consisted of my mom, my brother and Bob, the spider in the corner of the room that hasn’t moved in the last two days. I like to think he is staying around to listen to me, and not that my music killed him. 


I pushed the spider out of my head as I looked up again, only a quick glance, and there it was; he was still staring at us.


“We are so getting backstage Stacey. I am so glad you wore that skirt, he can’t take his eyes of you.” My friends eyes gleamed with mischief I had wondered why she had insisted I wear this skirt.


“ I can’t believe you wanted me to wear the skirt so we could get backstage?! Why didn’t you wear it? I don’t like being used you know.”


“Oh come on, your best attributes are you legs and your hair. I knew you would do your hair amazingly but I was worried about the legs. I really wanted to get backstage, you know I love this band.”


I gave her an exasperated look but inside I knew there was nothing I could do, Becky will always be Becky.


“Fine but you better buy me Ben and Jerry's on the way home.”


“ You want ice cream! It’ll go straight to your legs” she said with a cheeky smile that she was famous for. I hit her on the arm she couldn’t say that to me, I love ice cream. It’s my one weakness.


“I was joking Stacey! Have as much ice cream as you want. For me I want to be taking home something spicy.”


“You better not abandon me again. I will kill you if you do.”


“Look I said I was sorry for that time but he was an A-grade hottie.” I just turned away, no way to change her. My weakness was ice cream her was hard abs.


As I looked away my eyes fell on the big beefy bodyguard making his way towards us. I started hitting Becky on the back all the while staring at the man approaching us.

“What, i’m enjoying myse... ohh.” she grabbed my arm an whispered in my ear as the man approached me.

“It’s the legs, gets ‘em every time.”

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