Once Again

Every party is different to me some good some bad but this is by far the best one yet.

Read and find out there will be some contests in the book


1. The party

It all started at a high school party, but I'll start from the beginning.

My name is Keatyn Campbell, I have two brothers that are twins they're 17. My brothers introduced me to one of their best friends, he's now my boyfriend for 1year now. His names Austin Jason he's the star quarterback for the football team he's really tall, he has deep sea blue eyes and dirty blonde hair. He also has the most mouth watering 6 pack.

We have been inseparable since we started dating, but since school started we've been drifting apart. My friends are starting to get suspicious but I believe in him.

River morgan, the most popular guy in school is throwing one of his famous parties, he invites everyone that's popular. He's also best friends with the schools biggest player Zeke Jones. Zeke is dating one of my best friends Lucy.


It was the night of the party, my best friends were over, Addie,Lauren,and Lucy. It was finally time for the party and you wouldn't believe what happened.

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