Once Again

Every party is different to me some good some bad but this is by far the best one yet.

Read and find out there will be some contests in the book


2. Surprise

AN: Sorry my penguins that I haven't updated I've been on vacation and I have been working with my friends on our youtube channel. Hope you like the chapter

We all hopped in my car, did I mention I got it for my 16 birthday it's a black mustang with green strips on it. I had begged my parents for that car, even though my family is loaded with money.

We arrived at the party at 7:30 and it was already in full swing. My friends and I all went in separate direction, Addie went to the back yard, Lauren went to the dance floor, and Lucy went to go find Zeke * gag* I hate that guy he nothing but a player.

I started to look for my boyfriend because I knew he would already be there, but I couldn't find him. I asked some of his closest friends where he was and they said he headed upstairs, I knew this could either be a bad thing or a good thing.

He always hangs out in the last bedroom so I went there first, but I couldn't find him there, so I went to the next bedroom. I heard moans coming from the room but I had to find him, I opened the door. There was Austin on top of some girl and my heart just shattered. I screamed at the girl of course it was the school's slut, no surprise. "Austin were through, I can't believe you did this to me."

*** Austin Jones***

I can't believe Keatyn found out, she was always super sweet and kind to me and I had to go cheat on her. The even worse thing was I was completely sober.

I knew I would have to find her and explain to her why I did it and I would have to show her how sorry I was because I knew if I didn't her brothers were going to kill me.

An: I hoped you liked it I'm trying to update about 4 times a week but I might not be able to because schools staring soon.

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