Love is very complicated.

Samantha, a teenage girl that has been picked on all of her life, has been invited to a One Direction signing with her friend. Her favorite has always been Niall but will that change with Louis charm or Zayns badness. Samantha and her friend Ashley end up hanging out with the boys more and Ashley slowly start a relationship with Liam causing Harry to get quite jealous.


3. so thats what ashley was hiding?

 " thank you for the ride home Romen i upreseate it a lot." i said hugging him before getting out of the car. " sammy did ashley tell you about your suprise yet?" he asked me as i got out of the car. " uh yeah why?" i lied hoping he would end up telling me. " good i dont think i could keep the fact that she is taking you to see that boy band you idolize a secret any longer." he said sighing. " wait what? ashleys taking me to see ONE DIRECTION? when/ what should i wear?" i said jumping up and down. " sammy she didnt tell you?!?! now shes gonna yell at me for telling you!!" he said putting his head in his hands. " roman stop ill still act surprised when she tells me. i cant believe that this is happening i am so happy." i said caressing his face in my hands. "its ok i promise she will never find out that you told me. " i gave him a quick kiss on the cheek to say thank you before yelling good bye and running into the house and up  to my room. oh my god she is really taking me to see my idols!!!! i need to find out what I'm going to wear. i ran to my closet and grabbed my black combat boots, dark grey skinny jeans, and my lace black shirt and camie. i ran to my bath room to find some make up to put on and then i realized when is she taking me any way. as if on cue my phone buzzed on the counter. i looked at the screen to see it was ashley calling. "hello?" i said into the phone. " hey sammy wear something really cute and pack an overnight bag I'm taking you some where and your gonna love it. be there in an hour." she said before hanging up. well i guess that answers my question. i ran to the shower and quickly hopped in. i took about ten minutes in the shower and then hopped out and got dressed. i hurried to put on my make up and let my wavy hair air dry. i was ready to go after about thirty minutes but knowing ashley she will be here in about five minutes any way she is always early. i grabbed my phone and over night bag and headed towards the door. i walked out the door and got ready for ashley remember i have to act surprised. I'm so excited and i cant wait. just then ashley pulled up in my car that i had left at school...

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