Love is very complicated.

Samantha, a teenage girl that has been picked on all of her life, has been invited to a One Direction signing with her friend. Her favorite has always been Niall but will that change with Louis charm or Zayns badness. Samantha and her friend Ashley end up hanging out with the boys more and Ashley slowly start a relationship with Liam causing Harry to get quite jealous.


2. i wanted to hear your beautiful voice.

samanthas pov


I woke up to a steady beeping sound and a room full of my friends. " where am i?" i asked trying to sit up but that made my head hurt badly, so i propped my self up on my elbows. " sammy you are in the hospital do you not remember what happened?" Roman asked me looking worried. i shook my head no and ashley stepped in taking a deep breath. " sammy JD tried to hurt you again and you yeld for help, luckily, roman, Jacquelyn, sophia, Anthony, and i heard you and ran to you. before we could get there though JD thew you on the ground and you hit your head really hard." roman grabbed my hand and squeezed it tightly. " are you ready to go home ill drive you?" he asked looking into my eyes with an unreadable emotion on his face. " sure thank you roman." i sadi sitting up with my hand on my head. Ashley rushed to my side and so did jacquelyn. they helped me to the bathroom so i could get out of the hospital gown and put my clothes back on. once i walked out to romans car all three of use got in, i sat in the passenger seat. " are you comfy sambo?" roman asked with a smile. he always called me sambo when he was trying to make me feel better or just to bother me. " yes romey im comfy." i said returning the smile. he blushed a bit and started the car up. the ride home was rather quiet besides me and ashley singing along to the radio. once we dropped the girls off and roman was on his way to my house change your life by little mix came on and i started to sing. " she captures her reflection then she throws the mirror to the floor, her image is distorted screaming is it worth it anymore. no no no. are you scared of the thing that they might say to you." out of nowhere roman turned the radio down and smiled. " why did you do that?" i asked. " i wanted to heear you sing, the music was covering your beautiful voice." my cheeks flushed red and i started to sing again. roman smiled and pulled into my drive way.

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