Love is very complicated.

Samantha, a teenage girl that has been picked on all of her life, has been invited to a One Direction signing with her friend. Her favorite has always been Niall but will that change with Louis charm or Zayns badness. Samantha and her friend Ashley end up hanging out with the boys more and Ashley slowly start a relationship with Liam causing Harry to get quite jealous.


1. Ashley you are amazing!!!

Samantha's p.o.v.

" hey Ashley what are you doing?" i asked as ashley walked up to me with the biggest smile ever playing on her face. " oh, nothing you will have to wait and see." she said happily walking past me and in to the car. i always picked Ashley up in the morning to bring her to school. once we got in the car i looked at her outfit she always had something really crazy and cute on today she was wearing a silver lace shirt over a pink camie with high waisted shorts. ashley has dark drown wavy hair that i absolutely love and brown eyes. she was gorgous. i turn the radio up and the best song ever came on the name of it was the best song ever by one direction one of my all time favorite bands. " said her name was georgia rose, and her daddy was a dentist, said i had a dirty mouth, i got a dirty mouth, but she kissed me like she meant it." ashley and i sang to the radio. we both took chorus for 5 years now and i think that we sound really good together. the song ended by the time we got to school and i turned the car off and looked at ashley with a frown. " ash what if they do it again?" i asked her looking worried. " i mean look at what I'm wearing." i gestured my hands to myself. i was wearing black skinny jeans a black lace sleeve shirt and my wavy blonde hair down to my bum. " sammy if they say anything you come and tell me right away. im tired of them hurting you." she said. she looked as if she would go on a killing spree any second now. she sighed. " sammy you are beautiful no matter what other people say and you need to know that dont let them bring you down." she than pulled me in for a hug and squeezed me. " thanks ash we better go the bells about to ring." i said giving her a weak smile. we both got out of the car and started to walk to the school gates when that all to familier hand grabbed my wrist. i turned to face the one guy who would do anything to be "populuar" he has bullied me for three years now and rapped me twice. i was the only one that did like him in our entire school and he didnt like that at all. " where do you think your going babe?" he questioned me and i just looked down scared. " to school." i whispered. " oh no babe your going into the dumpster or you could come in my car with me for a moment if you know what i mean." he said with a big smirk on his face. " no joseph I'm tired of letting you hurt me i dont deserve this shit!!!" i yelled trying to pull away from him but he just pulled me back held around my waist. " HELP, HELP SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!" i screamed at the top of my lungs and as i saw three or four figures run to help me Joseph threw me on the ground and i hit my head hard. i was slowly loosing consciousness when the figures finally made there way to my side to help. " sammy, samantha are you ok?" i heard a voice calling out to me i could tell it was Romen one of my best friends, but then everything went black...

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