Why Is He So Special? - New Beginnings

Louis and Eleanor decided to start their lives together but what happens when Anette races to get her ball and doesn't return.


4. Sleep-Over

Eleanor P.O.V

We all had fun. The kids played the wii then us parents decided to drink and we ended up having a drunk Harry Styles play with his daughter. Louis decided to let our friends stay because everyone was drunk and it wasn't safe so now they are all staying. It was good because one of us can take all the kids to school tomorrow. I woke up and I decided i should take the kids so the kids got dressed and i drove them to school. I came home and Melissa was outside laughing so hard. I parked the car and i went to see what this girl was up too. I looked at her and she tried to tell me so she grabbed my hand and she took me inside and I saw a thong wrapped around Zayn's head. I think Louis was behind this but she said it was Liam that did the prank. Gosh I love these people. I heard a knock on the door and when I opened the door, my mouth fell to the ground, my hands started to sweat, and My eyes were full of anger. The person standing at the door just had to come back.

Harry P.O.V

I saw Eleanor standing at the door and she slammed the door and went back to the couch and started laughing at Zayn. I wanted to see what she was staring at so I got up and walked to the door I was smiling and once I opened the door, My head blew up. I regret opening that door. The person standing in front of me was the most hateful person ever. "Vanessa? What are you doing here?" She frowned "I want Darcy back Harry so give her to me NOW!"

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