Why Is He So Special? - New Beginnings

Louis and Eleanor decided to start their lives together but what happens when Anette races to get her ball and doesn't return.


5. She just had to come

Eleanor P.O.V

I heard someone yell so I turned to the door and saw Harry. Why did Vanessa come back? I got up and walked to the door and I saw Vanessa "Ohh Vanessa, Why are you at my house." She gave a smile "I was just telling Harry that I want Darcy back and so i can put her in adoption." I wanted to punch this chick in the face!! "Vanessa, You are the one that left Darcy and now all of a sudden you want her back. Vanessa, I want you to leave and never come back." Vanessa gave me a look of hate and she stormed off. I turned to Harry, he looked back and thanked me. He was my friend and for what Vanessa did to him and Darcy just made me hate her.

Louis P.O.V 

I turned to the door and saw Eleanor with an angry face I told everyone else and she told us what had just happened. Why would Vanessa do that? I think she wanted to murder Darcy but thank god it was 12:45 I wanted to see my kids. So i decided to pick them up. Once I arrived to the school the kids were waiting with Eli so I unlocked the car and I saw some people staring at me like if I was a Man-whore because all of the different looking kids coming to my car. We got home and the kids decided to play ball so all of us were outside. We all started talking. I saw the ball go up super high and I saw my princess run to get the ball. We decided to get a quick snack so us parents went inside. We stayed a little while like 30 min inside then we went outside and i didn't see Anette anywhere. I asked the kids if she came back and they all shook their heads. I began to worry so I told everyone to help me help me and everyone could not find her. "ANETTE!!!!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU???'" it was 12:00 a.m. and still no Anette at this point everyone was crying and screaming her name. Eli was crying so hard that he felt light-headed. Where is my princess? My life is over if we can't find her.

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