Why Is He So Special? - New Beginnings

Louis and Eleanor decided to start their lives together but what happens when Anette races to get her ball and doesn't return.


7. Really?

Harry P.O.V

I turned to Eleanor and told her that I needed to see why she wants Darcy back all of a sudden. "Eleanor, after we are done talking I will go to town and search for Anette." She nodded and started to cry some more. I started to cry but I left and started to drive off. I saw Vanessa's house. I got off and walked on the steps, I remember the last time I walked these steps, it was coming to pick up Darcy. I knocked on the door and saw the kid's teacher. "Uhh... hi is Vanessa here?" She nodded her head yes and called her. I saw Vanessa "Uhh.. HI Vanessa can we talk please." She looked at me with a serious face, "I guess, come in" I entered that very same house I came to get my baby. I even sat in the same place I was sitting at with Darcy in my hands and all her stuff. We started talking and I saw a little girl coming down the steps. She looked familiar and it hit me. "ANETTE" she started to cry. "UNCLE HARRY!!!!! SAVE ME THIS LADY SAID SHE WOULD KILL ME TODAY" I turned to Vanessa and slapped her. "WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!!!!!! YOU ARE NEVER GOING TO SEE YOUR DAUGHTER UNTILL THE DAY YOU DIE" Her face was full of anger and she started to cry. I carried Anette to the car and I gave her a kiss and a big hug. "I missed you sooo much Anette. Everyone misses you. Let's go home" I decided to play 1D music because our songs make Anette happy and seeing her and the kids happy makes me happy as well.

Eleanor P.O.V

I heard a tiny knock on the door and I opened it and my life was completed. I could talk, sleep eat again now because seeing my baby in front of me was the best thing ever.

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