Why Is He So Special? - New Beginnings

Louis and Eleanor decided to start their lives together but what happens when Anette races to get her ball and doesn't return.


10. My Life is completed

Eleanor P.O.V

I woke up to a beautiful morning. I felt like my world was perfect. I looked to my right and i saw Louis. He looked happy. I remember how depressed he was when Anette was missing. I remember how everyone was depressed. I started to think and I think Eli was has a little crush on Anette. I saw Louis' eyes open. "Hey babe I think Eli has a little crush on Anette. Isn't that cute?" the look on his face was just so funny and cute "Yeah whatever you say babe i mean it is cute. Right? Right?" I just stared at those gorgeous eyes. "Louis, we still have to wait for the future. I hope our future is just fine." I gave him a kiss and we didn't see the kids "AGAIN MOMMY THAT'S NASTY!!!!!!!" We started to laugh and then Louis got out of be and grabbed both of the kids and laid them on our bed. I asked Louis if he wanted to spend time with Anette, he smiled and gave Anette a kiss. So I went to the closet and I got some clothes for me and Ian and we went to go get some ice cream. 

Louis P.O.V 

I was happy. I was happy that my princess was in front of me. I decided to ask her what happened when she ran for the ball. "Daddy, that lady grabbed me and i started to cry but she slapped me right here" she pointed to her cheek and I saw the red mark that B**** gave my baby. I wanted to let the tears out but I didn't want Anette to cry so i gave her a kiss on the cheek "Is that better princess?" She smiled and climbed on my back. "Daddy, do you know Eli?" I started to worry " Yes princess i do know Eli. Why?" She started to blush "I think he is cute" My heart stopped and my hands got sweaty. I wasn't mad or sad. I was just now getting that fact through my head that my daughter likes my best friend's son.

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