Why Is He So Special? - New Beginnings

Louis and Eleanor decided to start their lives together but what happens when Anette races to get her ball and doesn't return.


8. MY BABY!!!!!!

Eleanor P.O.V 

"MY BABYY!!!!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!!" Everyone ran to her and we picked her up. My life was completed. All the kids saw Anette and ran to her. I saw Ian pick her up and spinned her around. Everyone missed her. Darcy was crying because she missed her so much. I saw Louis run down the steps and pick her up everyone was crying because Louis got into depression and he was so sick. We were so scared but when he saw Anette in the house. His face lighted up and you could tell he wasn't sick anymore. I saw someone else run down the steps and it was Eli. Eli's face lighted up and he picked up Anette and gave a her a huge hug and gave her a kiss on the cheek, "Anette I missed you so much!!!" Everyone was in awe and we all turned to Louis and we all bursted out laughing!

Louis P.O.V

I was fine. I mean wouldn't you feel happy if your best friend's son gave your princess a kiss of the cheek and a big hug. It's fine. Right? well you are wrong! I saw Anette blushing and smiling. I hope in the future they don't get together. I am now afraid if they do get together and then they get married and have on kid named Eli jr and thee day they come and visit me for my birthday Eli Jr walks up to me and says the word a never wants to here which are "Hi grandpa."

Eleanor P.O.V 

Louis and I decided to go to Harry's room because we needed to know how he found her. Once we sat down on his bed he started to talk. I was in tears when I heard that Vanessa was going to kill my baby. I needed her to leave us alone. We called in the parents and it was agreed, we needed to call the police and tell them everything. We decided to let Melissa talk to the police. We left Eli to keep an eye on the kids so we drove to Vanessa's house and the police finally got there.

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