Why Is He So Special? - New Beginnings

Louis and Eleanor decided to start their lives together but what happens when Anette races to get her ball and doesn't return.


12. Last day of school

Eleanor P.O.V

I woke up and I looked at the clock. It read 7:10 It was the last day of school so i got up and I walked downstairs to make lunch but I saw the kids ready and their lunch was ready. I gave the kids a kiss and I walked into the kitchen and my beautiful husband was singing and cooking. "IIIIIIIIIIIIIII I WANNA SAVE YOU WANNA SAVE YOUR HEART TONIGHT" I tapped Louis on the shoulders and he screamed. ''Babe let's go take the kids to school." He smiled and we all got into the car. We were singing 1D from the top of our lungs and once we got there the kids got off and we went back home. I was about to sit down and watch tv but Louis picked me up bridal style and gave me a long passionate kiss. I looked into those eyes and I all I saw was the same two eyes that i stared into when he saved me from Jack. "Louis, thank you for being there for me. You don't know how lucky i am to have you in my life. I am happy that we are together and you will be the one there for me when those future problems come and go." He smiled " I will always be there for you baby. You are my sunshine and i will do anything for you." He sat me down and we started to watch our favorite movie we watched when we were dating. I got up to make popcorn and I passed our wedding photo. I remember the same exact question I asked myself when I became his girlfriend and I remember the answer on my wedding day which was " That's is why he is so special."


Thats the second book to my series. Sorry that it's short! I don't have time to make more chapters but i will come up with a third book (the last book of the series) so that will be up very soon. Thank you guys for all your support and thank you for reading my first book. Shout out to AustinMahoneeTheCat for being there for me. Lovvvvve y'all:) See ya soon 

                                                               -Dj Tommo

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