Why Is He So Special? - New Beginnings

Louis and Eleanor decided to start their lives together but what happens when Anette races to get her ball and doesn't return.


2. Arriving to school

Eleanor P.O.V

Once we got to the school we parked and went with the kids so they won't get scared or nervous. we got to the little class room and we saw Zayn, Liam, and Harry's kids. It was good that they had the same class together so they won't be lonely. We walked the kids to their little cubby and we walked to meet the teacher. "Hi you must be Anette and Ian," They both smiled. we gave the kids a good-bye kiss and we went back home. Once we got their, Louis and I started to talk and we did our favorite things we did when we were dating. I decided to text the girls and see if they would like to come over for dinner. All of them replied with a happy 'YES!' and I decided to make dinner.

Louis P.O.V

The clocked read 12:45. It was time to pick up the kids so i told Eleanor that i would pick them up. I drove to the school and saw that Anette and Ian were about to show-and-tell so I quickly grabbed my phone and started recording them. They started singing 'Live While Were Young' I know how much the kids loved that song. I saw the rest of the boys and I ran to them and wee started talking. I heard the doors open and saw all the tiny people running outside. I saw my kids and called them over. the boys said their good-byes and me and the kids started walking to the car. "Hey kids, how was your first day of kindergarden?" They both smiled "It was great daddy!!!!! Where's Mommy" I looked at the rear-view mirror "She is at home cooking dinner" They smiled and we all started singing 'Live While Were Young'

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